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You Want It We Got It! Finding the Right VIBE for YOUR Meetings and Events!


Last October, The VIBE Agency provided the event design, event management and production for Yamaha’s 2010 Latin American Distributors Meeting.  This annual conference at the Sofitel Miami brought together 70 representatives from most of its 54 markets in  Latin, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

The two day conference was a balanced mixture of best-practice sessions, networking, new product presentations and break-out workshops.  It was a time for Yamaha to share what had been happening with the company, future focuses as well as interact with their distributor’s to find out how the parent company could  be more efficient and understand distributor needs and barriers they face in their marketplace.

One of the biggest challenges we had for this meeting was to blend all of the cultures together in one design that worked for the varied cultures in attendance.  Since Yamaha is a Japanese company, we had to do the research to make sure the “dos and do nots” are respected for their executives.  One of the many things we did to ensure cultural protocol was to create a separate V.I.P. table in the presentation room, as Japanese culture dictates that executives sit separately.

Along with providing the meeting and conference coordination, we also handled the Yamaha new product display which featured new products that they wanted to introduce to the distributors.

In addition to the business meetings during the day, there were evening events as well.  The first night was a dinner cruise around Biscayne Bay.  A final night dinner was held at a Wish, an upscale restaurant in Miami Beach.

One of the things that I feel we did very successfully for this group was to understand their objectives and then ensure that every element of the conference worked interchangeably to meet those goals.

A very special thanks to Ricardo & his team (Ruben, Eric) for trusting us and allowing us the opportunity to work with them to create a successful Latin America Distributors Conference for Yamaha!

We love working with companies to create intelligent and sophisticated events with purpose.  We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients to deliver the best experience for their needs!

For information on custom programs for your group, conference, meetings or events, please contact valerie@thevibeagency.com

BizBash Miami thought it was great too and featured the Yamaha event!  Click to read more.  http://www.bizbash.com/miami/content/editorial/19327_yamaha_latin_america_brings_distributors_together_for_second_annual_conference.php

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Spring into Summer 2010 Trends

It has officially been spring for more than a week now and in Florida, the weather is different than it has ever been before. We are seeing much more color, people embracing the outdoors (not as hot or are they looking for more natural surroundings?)

Either way, here is what we are seeing for spring and it will head in the same direction and intensify in summer.

Trends we, at the VIBE agency,  are currently experiencing and expect to see continue into the summer events season include more outdoor parties. We see people  using their own furniture, linens, and chairs―and simply moving it all to the backyard. They are enhancing what they have by purchasing centerpieces. This saves money and shows creativity.

And that is the key right now

Brighter colors are trending now and will continue throughout the summer. Violets, romantic shades that correspond to flowers, classic reds, turquoise blues, pink champagnes to add some neutrality. This balances out all of the brilliant colors versus naturals.  Start thinking of how to introduce these exciting colors into your work and all the way to your wardrobe and become a colourlover.

Turquoise will be enhancing everything starting this spring and following through the summermonths.  Its best quality is a calming affect. The color components represent serenity and vitality  and bring forth a ” wellness ” emerging trend.

The color can easily be incorporated into the home to encourage well-being and to add a dash of excitement to any event.

Here are some other small design ideas that could help to spring up your events!!

1. Floral Table Cloths

2. Floral Accents

3. Floral Decor

4. Floral Wall Stickers

So lets see what you guys can do with these fab. ideas.

This spring in the food and beverage are,  hiring a private chef from a catering company is also a hot ticket. There is a lot of interaction between the chef and the guests. Think Iron Chef or Food TV where the chef uses a “favorite ingredient”. Chefs are serving food using “found objects from the home” including frames, bricks, vases, mirrors, and more.

Small dessert portions will be served. No more gluttony. Less is more in all cases. That is right think out of the box and start coming up with new and fun ways to add a flair of style to any wedding, party and event without stretching your pockets. See if these shot glass desserts get your creative juices going…I know it makes me hungry.

Everything is more art infused – real life, real colors, more exquisite versus gaudy. More refined, sophisticated, modern, minimalistic, simple…

While in Florida we are always planning outdoors,  we always have a plan B for rainy days. In the social realm, folks always want outdoor. It is close to nature and makes them feel good. Naturally, being in Florida, anything can happen so we plan accordingly.

Tenting?why not go with this new style. In my opinion more modern and  more minimalistic. Have you been using it?…Open up your backyard and turn it into the next new hot spot. Which makes for a great backup plan.

And while I cannot speak for all the States, I  chat and work with enough event pros all over that and I can tell you that while colors may be a bit different, the grand scheme remains the same. More natural, less fake; less is more than more is more. Beauty and elegance trump over-the-top. It is back to reality, a time of elegance and splendor.

Let us know what you think and what new and trendy things have caught your eyes.

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Champagne on a Beer Budget

Yes, it is possible to cut costs for events and still have a lavish touch according to Lindsay Krause of Special D Events.  We rightfully agree.  Check out a combination of her tips combined with a few we researched.

1)      Use local destinations or smaller cities that can offer you more for your money.

2)      Switch from a dinner event to a lunch or from a lunch to a breakfast meeting.

3)      Limit authorization.  Only key people should have the ability to increase food and beverage orders on site.

4)      Communicate your budget information to the convention services manager. His or her role is to work with you.

5)      Provide cocktail napkins verses small plates at receptions to reduce consumption

6)      Always budget at least 10 percent of your expenses as “contingency.” This will take care of unforeseen costs such as – labor strikes – bad weather – overtime – extra postage and mailings – phone and computer hookups – cancellation insurance – speaker substitutions.

7)      Instead of a full open bar, offer just beer and wine or soft drinks.  Also consider one signature cocktail.

8)      Learn the tax laws for both your organization’s location and the location of your event. You could be eligible for tax breaks that you aren’t claiming.

9)       Develop long-term relationships with properties and chains you use often. Negotiate volume discounts.

10)  Hire now. Speakers and entertainers often raise their rates every year. Lock in at this year’s rates.

11)  Order as much as possible “by consumption.” Uneaten food and drink can be returned and not charged. This works well with soda and packaged foods like potato chips.

12)  Offer water stations or pitchers of waters on the tables’ verses water bottles.

13)  Ask which other groups are using the hotel at the same time. You may be able to have the same menu, thereby gaining economies of scale that can be passed on in cost savings to you.

14)  Avoid salty foods during receptions, as they encourage people to drink more.

Lindsay Krause of Special D Events

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Ways to Green Your Gift Wrapping

Have you ever looked at your trashcan after everyone has opened all of their gifts during the holiday season?  Just one look and you have to admit it is an awful amount of garbage.  This year consider the following ideas as you wrap each gift.

Everyone knows that green is the new black, but not everyone knows how to put a green touch to their holidays.  We did some research and found so many creative ideas. 

1) First, lets explore the Wrap Sack.  They have unique reusable gift bags that come in six different sizes.  The best part about these drawstring gift bags, is that they come with a tracking number which allows you to track the history of your wrap sack!

2) Aside from the gift bag, Wrap Sack offers reusable greeting cards.  You simply replace the sheet inside when you are ready to reuse it.

3) An eco-friendly way to gift wrap is to make your own by using left over fabric or old sheets.  Chewing the Cud offers reusable fabric gift wraps; each one with a gesture of giving: Give Love, Give Luck, Give Wisdom.

4)  Wrap a gift with a gift.  For example, you may purchase a scarf or decorative towel and then use it to wrap a bottle of wine.  Or a coffee cup or canister to hold another gift such as jewelry.

5)  Shuffle through old magazines, maps, calendars and newspapers  throughout the house and select pictures that connect with the personality of the person whom you have bought a gift for.  If that person is a traveler, use an old map to wrap their gift!

6)  The comic section of the newspaper is an old idea but works wonders. 

7)  Place your gift inside of a tote or insulated grocery bag.  Both of these items will be reused over and over!

8)  For bows, switch to reusable hair ribbons or flowers.  Take a walk outside or at your local park.  You will find true beauties from our very own land such as pinecones, acorn, changing color leaves and so on.

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VIBE’S Highlighted Destination Spot: Istanbul, Turkey

The Vibe Agency offers destination management services throughout the world.  From October 1 – 7, Valerie Bihet traveled to Istanbul to assist with all logistic aspects of a major bank convention.  We would like to feature this grand city as a highlighted destination for future clients.  Included are fun facts, “in the know”, where to eat and drink, where to shop, and most importantly a few venue selections.

Fun Facts:

  • Istanbul is historically also known as Byzantium and Constantinople.
  • Istanbul is the largest city in Europe with a population of 15 million
  • It bridges the continents of Europe and Asia, with parts of the city on either side of the Bosporus Strait.
  • Turkey is famous for its carpets, baths, textiles, ceramic tiles, tea and coffee, and a visitor will get a generous sampling of all.
  • It is illegal to photograph Turkish military installations, hardware or personnel.

In the Know:

  • Nazar Boncugu is a round bead in the shape of an eye made from blue glass with a hole in the middle.  Nazar means “evil eye” in Turkish.  Turks believe it will protect them from nazar powers.
  • Tipping in restaurants is optional.
  • It is impolite to refuse the offer of a drink when in a person’s home or place of work.
  • It is impolite to blow your nose in public and do not show the soles of your feet when sitting.

Read on for places to eat, drink, shop and venue selections

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Open Letter

I recently read an open letter blog from a dear friend, Marley Majcher, and I was deeply moved.  The letter was addressed to all of her family members, friends and staff where she discussed her dilemma about returning phone calls or emails. 

 I am riding on that same boat with Majcher.  This year has been full of new challenges including time management.  I am not complaining; I feel fortunate and honored to have met each and every person in my life.  Sometimes, day to day responsibilities take the very best of us, leaving little or no time to show those special people in our lives how much we value and appreciate their friendship.  I would like to take this time to dedicate this blog to all of my family, friends, clients and employees. 

 Yesterday was my birthday and I was surprised at the recognition I received from so many people across the world.  Words can not explain how touched and happy I feel to have so many great people in my life.  On important dates such as a birthday, you realize who your true friends are and what is important in life.  All of these events have been an eye opener for me. 

 I am indebt to so many emails, Facebook comments and phone calls.  I thank everyone for making my day so special.  The best gift I have received is to have met all of you and the special memories that have come along with our friendship.  I hold each of you close to my heart and I appreciate all of the love and support.

 Thank you to my husband, who has shown dedicated support throughout our time together.  Thanks for my unforgettable birthday setup and thank you for being an amazing irreplaceable father and husband.

Again, thanks to everyone for your friendship, business and support.

Eventfully yours,

Valerie Bihet

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Trendsetter Alert: The Ice bag®

As an event planner I am always looking for new ideas, updated technology and trendy ways to liven up a party or event.  There are always new ideas for branding and adding that special touch to make a memorable event. 

I introduce to you the Ice bag®.  It is the new generation of the ice bucket and originated in France.  The product is now available in the U.S. so make sure you take a look at this unique accessory. 

It is a modern and innovative bag that brings life to the traditional ice bucket image. It is easy to use and it has a double function! It is used to carry and keep your bottles fresh; it is also an original trendy gift.

There are several types of bags; each with a unique purpose.  There is the Basic collection which offers the bag in your choice of color.  The Message collection allows you to insert personal messages or business cards as a form of promotion.  City Collection was created to sell the image of a city; ideal as a souvenir or gift after a trip.

With Tempo collection, the line is dedicated for all holidays of the year including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.  There is also a V.I.P collection specially designed for special events. 

The Pro range is for professionals with 7 references dedicated to restaurants, hotels, country clubs, caterers, wineries.  It is only used as a communication/service tool or for promotions.

The Ice bag® may be used in other sectors as Business gifts, new product launches and also to offer to offer products which can be used again and again.

Let us help you plan your next event with these wonderful gift incentives!

But wait! There are more!

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