Spring into Summer 2010 Trends

It has officially been spring for more than a week now and in Florida, the weather is different than it has ever been before. We are seeing much more color, people embracing the outdoors (not as hot or are they looking for more natural surroundings?)

Either way, here is what we are seeing for spring and it will head in the same direction and intensify in summer.

Trends we, at the VIBE agency,  are currently experiencing and expect to see continue into the summer events season include more outdoor parties. We see people  using their own furniture, linens, and chairs―and simply moving it all to the backyard. They are enhancing what they have by purchasing centerpieces. This saves money and shows creativity.

And that is the key right now

Brighter colors are trending now and will continue throughout the summer. Violets, romantic shades that correspond to flowers, classic reds, turquoise blues, pink champagnes to add some neutrality. This balances out all of the brilliant colors versus naturals.  Start thinking of how to introduce these exciting colors into your work and all the way to your wardrobe and become a colourlover.

Turquoise will be enhancing everything starting this spring and following through the summermonths.  Its best quality is a calming affect. The color components represent serenity and vitality  and bring forth a ” wellness ” emerging trend.

The color can easily be incorporated into the home to encourage well-being and to add a dash of excitement to any event.

Here are some other small design ideas that could help to spring up your events!!

1. Floral Table Cloths

2. Floral Accents

3. Floral Decor

4. Floral Wall Stickers

So lets see what you guys can do with these fab. ideas.

This spring in the food and beverage are,  hiring a private chef from a catering company is also a hot ticket. There is a lot of interaction between the chef and the guests. Think Iron Chef or Food TV where the chef uses a “favorite ingredient”. Chefs are serving food using “found objects from the home” including frames, bricks, vases, mirrors, and more.

Small dessert portions will be served. No more gluttony. Less is more in all cases. That is right think out of the box and start coming up with new and fun ways to add a flair of style to any wedding, party and event without stretching your pockets. See if these shot glass desserts get your creative juices going…I know it makes me hungry.

Everything is more art infused – real life, real colors, more exquisite versus gaudy. More refined, sophisticated, modern, minimalistic, simple…

While in Florida we are always planning outdoors,  we always have a plan B for rainy days. In the social realm, folks always want outdoor. It is close to nature and makes them feel good. Naturally, being in Florida, anything can happen so we plan accordingly.

Tenting?why not go with this new style. In my opinion more modern and  more minimalistic. Have you been using it?…Open up your backyard and turn it into the next new hot spot. Which makes for a great backup plan.

And while I cannot speak for all the States, I  chat and work with enough event pros all over that and I can tell you that while colors may be a bit different, the grand scheme remains the same. More natural, less fake; less is more than more is more. Beauty and elegance trump over-the-top. It is back to reality, a time of elegance and splendor.

Let us know what you think and what new and trendy things have caught your eyes.


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