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Exercise Your Right To…..Play!

One of the biggest challenges facing the corporate leaders of today, with all the mergers of corporations and companies, is how to keep their teams functioning smoothly, blending corporate cultures and creating a cohesive leadership message.  In addition, companies now are more aware than ever before of social responsibility and the impact they have on their communities.  They are striving to be a more visible participant  for the greater good of all.

At The VIBE Agency we are prepared to show companies, through unique experiences, how to work together better, brainstorm, merge teams and keep the channels of communication  open and flowing.  Each and every dollar spent is being watched for its  investment return.  A popular trend has come to light, that of team building.  Teambuilding is not only great for the company but for the community as well.  No longer are groans and sighs heard when teambuilding is mentioned since today’s teambuilding activities are filled with adventure, fun as well as memorable and impactful moments.


Dining in the Dark, Crime Scene Investigations, physically challenging Amazing Race, School Building Projects to Building Bikes and Toy Boxes for charity, there’s a lighthearted way to create office camaraderie and communicate your message while embarking on a playful adventure.

What are your objectives?  What are your company’s social responsibility and goals?  We’re sure they can be met by utilizing one of our exciting programs.  Teambuilding can be done anywhere… at corporate offices, off-site venues and even more exotic destinations around the world.

Perhaps a Road Rally on the AutoBahn in Germany… Pasta Making in Italy… Cooking Competitions in Portugal… or Grape Stomping in France… Dog Sledding in Alaska… The VIBE Agency has the resources and creativity to make an exciting teambuilding experience happen… whenever and wherever!

Here is a small sampling of the teambuilding programs we offer:

  • The Amazing Race
  • Building The Bikes
  • Rocket Building
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Comedy Central
  • Build A School
  • Cooking Competitions
  • Sharpen Your Senses
  • Float The Boat

You set the objective, and we help you create a program that will meet and exceed it.  Our creative team has the right ideas to help your company bond, build and extend a helping hand to benefit the communities that they work, live and play in.

Here’s a sample of how one of a programs works: Concept Car Competition


Just like professional racing, this wacky competition is about crew and driver. Your group will be split up into smaller racing teams whose goal will be to build a custom mini-pinewood racer for a people-powered race.

The first order of business will be to elect a Pit Crew Boss. The Pit Boss will provide overall supervision for the project. Once the team has decided on a theme for their car, the Pit Boss will assign each team member a role. Each team member must work together in their various roles if they are to revel in the winner’s circle.

Each team develops a blueprint design that must be approved by Event staff for safety. The car must have a chassis and body. A planner will be in charge of making sure the car is built within budget.

Each team will need an axle, wheels, limited lumber and tools. Materials are purchased from the onsite marketplace and bartering will be enthusiastically encouraged.

Team members must build their race car according to their blueprints. While the car is under construction, other team members will decorate a uniform with the team’s theme.

The completed cars are approximately 18” x 48” and hold a driver. Their lucky driver will wear the uniform for the big race: a race that will be team-powered!

To fire up the team spirit and prepare their driver for competition, team members will create and perform their very own “Champions Chant”.

All cars must pass a safety inspection before they will be allowed to race. Once the racers have passed inspection, drivers will suit up and prepare for competition.

Teams will race against each other and the clock to see who will make it to the final Winner’s Circle. Award medals will be presented for Best Pit Crew, 1st and 2nd Place Race Teams and Best Overall Team.

See how fun that is?  You set the objectives, and we help you create a program that meets and exceeds them.  Our creative team has the right ideas to help your company bond, build and extend a helping hand to benefit the communities that they work and play in.

If you are interested in booking an event or learning more about how we can create a customized team building event that will work perfectly for you needs, please contact for more information.

Until friday…have fun…and get playful!

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