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This much-anticipated day has finally come and passed. September 9, 2009: 09.09.09.  It was a day of hope, of reflection, and in astrology, of occurrences. As a planner of the VIBE agency and an astrology enthusiast,  it was a day that left me think about the wellness of myself, my employees, and the state of the industry. I would like to share my thoughts and offer tips on how to “Zen-ify” your office, environment, and mental state.

09.09.09 is considered a lucky day. The number 9 is considered lucky in Chinese culture because it means “long lasting.” But every day cannot be this date, so with that in mind, we need to take advantage of the belief and make it translate into every day. We believe in good VIBES in the office and that runs over into our lives.

As event planners, we live under constant stress. Not necessarily bad stress, but stress none-the-less. Just as we take control of our clients’ situations and create the ideal environments for their events, we need to take control of our own environments. This means creating the very best atmosphere we can to bring calm into our offices and our hectic work lives.

A stress-free environment is the first rule of thumb. Feng Shui is a great way to create the right VIBES for that stress-free workplace. On 09.09.09 and every day from here on in, create the good VIBE and let luck rule

Whether you choose to practice wellness all the time or just at special times such as 09.09.09, you get and keep good energy around you in your office.

Fact: People spend one third of their working life fighting against bad air conditions due to dilapidated air conditioning, moods of colleagues, back pain caused by incorrect ergonomics, unfair bosses, and more …. What’s a person to do? We recommend:

1. Create your Feng Shui express kit. It should include:

  • White Orchid: Creates good vibrations in a professional manner
  • Dragon Wallpaper: Yang stimulates creativity; promotes opportunity; and casts out demons
  • Wooden Bowl: Serves as a make-shift trombone. Chinese bowl + wood = good development of career
  • Color Blue: This color helps calm the mind, and a clear mind helps foster great ideas
  • Empty the Wastebasket: When it overflows, it blurs the good vibes.

2. Customize your desktop.

  • Keep a Photo of a “Constant” in your Life: Your children, your dog, your parents…

  • Green plants: These cleanse your office because plants emit water vapor and absorb electro- magnetic energy from your computer. Currently, the Peruvian cactus is a popular office plant. If y0ou have allergies, try a bouquet of white roses, which help to boost endurance.
  • Yes to Good Luck Charms: A bird in flight, mirror balls to absorb radiation, a black pebble for communication…

3. Organize yourself “chic”.

  • Clean Desk, Good Day: Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to tidy your desk. Get rid of excess paper, trail of coffee, etc. When you arrive the next morning, the clarity will help you focus and start the day in the best way. Think of it as a guaranteed “sunshine effect”.
  • Order Supplies for Comfort: Indulge yourself a little bit. Order things you simply can’t refuse: A screen filter for your laptop, a foot rest, a decorative lamp for best lighting…things that will make you happy. Think professional creature comforts.
  • Invest in Work-related Personal Items: A nice stitched leather notebook, a porcelain mug, a crystal handles letter opener, etc.

4. Change the Air.

  • Use a Scent Kit: A small, white ceramic plate with jasmine oil; lilacs or lilies hung from a ribbon can be placed in front of the an air vent
  • Spray your Office with a Scent you Love: Mint, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Sage are all great options; they are pleasing and enhance atmosphere. Good scents are mood altering.
  • Use an Electric Diffuser: This can dispense any essential oil, which allows you to choose the smell that will put you in a good mood. Cedar is fresh, geranium is calming, bergamot Melissa is relaxing, and lemon basil helps with concentration.

5. Transcend the typical lunchtime “break”. Be it alone or with others, try:

  • A sushi party
  • Hit the nail Salon
  • In-house Mini Massages: Get co-workers to chip in for a masseuse to come and offer mini massages. Back, feet, shoulders…all the stress points. Check to find out a Mobile spa. If you are on the west coast, thanks to Marley – from The Party Godess – who also recommend on the west coast Green Bliss Eco Spa

6. Rest for five minutes per hour instead of taking coffee breaks.

  • Eyes: Press on the closed eyelids with the palms and release at once.
  • Roll the Joints: It starts with the head, then shoulders, wrists and ankles
  • Squeeze a tennis ball: As hard as possible between the knees and hands, and then release it. Great for stress relief.
  • Use Hand Cream: Rub your hands together. Scented lotions are great.

7. Snack smart. Good “4:30 p.m.” choices are:

  • Three crackers and berries

These tips should not be just for specials days. Make them your way of life and every day will be a lucky day, stress free day.


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