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Summertime Event Inspirations: Go Green with the Grass Collection!

I love when companies get creative with their products, and when I saw this new grass collection furniture from AFR Event Furnishings, my mind when zippy with ideas and cool ways to create outdoor environments inside, or even create grass sculptured furniture for an outdoor theme party, picnic or BBQ.

We saw this collection in January at The Special Event in Tampa, when it was debuted in the Gala Park for an elegant cocktail hour under the stars.  I loved the idea then, and I love it even more now that summer is arriving.  It’s a cool and versatile collection and can be used to create many different looks from elegant to garden parties to laid back picnic fun.  Need an idea or ten on how to use this furniture line in a great way? We’ve got plenty.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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**The owner(s) of this blog is not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

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Raising The Bar on Industry Events: A Case Study: TSE 2012

One of the things that I think is so very important at conferences and tradeshows in our industry is really showcasing the new and extraordinary.  In addition, the experience should really be there.  This year, I think that TSE2012 really got it right!  Every event that we attended this year was well done, and really put the spotlight on new products and creative ideas.


                        First off, the Opening Night Celebration at the  Carte Event Pavilion was such an incredible event.  From the moment of arrival until announcements were being made that the last coach was leaving every single minute was well done.  Hats off to Showorks who designed the evening. Each of the areas was stunning, well thought out and so innovative. The ancillary entertainment only added to the fascination as the evening unfolded.  The focal point in the main room was a beautiful tree that just took our breath away.  Food was delicious, creatively styled and delicious.  Drinks were imaginative and fun. The cirque entertainers that performed in the tree were just ahhhhmazing.  The entertainment was well thought out and people danced all night long – on AND off the dance floor. (If you missed our blog on Professor D – you will want to check them out)..  The evening of Tempation was just so well put together that I don’t really have much to say except BRAVO!


The Wedding Event was also a vision to behold.  The wedding luncheon evolved into an evening event and WOWSA is it ever an event not to be missed. Take a look at this beautiful red carpet lady. She took the arrival to another level.  Of course, with Sean Defritas of Designs by Sean at the helm, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  His work is always surreal and full of beauty and innovation.  This evening only served to underscore my admiration.  Held at the Florida State Fairgrounds, it was magical from beginning to end.

Now what would a trip to TSE be without the GALA Awards.  The Oscars of the event industry promises a night full of glamour and fairytales.  This year, it was REALLY was glamorous and fairytale-esque.  Held in three separate venues, the evening started off with the GALA Award show.  Held in a separate all white theater tent, the stage set was simply elegant and well done.  The show was to the point, and quick moving with entertainment that wowed in its raw talent and creativity.  Personally the guitarist really pulled me to the seat of my chair.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the acts but the raw talent of the guitarist and dancer was moving.  After the show it    was into GALA Park  with outdoor lounges and bars where drinks flowed easily and guests could hold celebratory toasts before moving towards the two-story dinner tent.  Yes, it was really two-story and it was magnificent both from the outside and the inside.

This year the GALA Dinner was serviced restaurant style which was both interesting and a challenging undertaking for the caterer for sure.  The décor inside the tent was lovely and it was hard to believe that we weren’t inside a supper club. The entertainment only added to that feeling as the evening was in constant motion on stage, but not so overbearing that you couldn’t hold conversation and enjoy time with friends.  Dinner was served as it would be at a restaurant, and we ordered off menus with choices.  Loved it.  After dinner, a burlesque show or you if you wanted a something different, you could head to the Gala Garden for a drink and quiet conversation or the Award tent, which had been turned into a smoking hot dance club.

The hours FLEW by that evening, and I couldn’t believe when it was all over.  From beginning to end, it was an amazing and well done.  Hats off to the Tampa team! In my humble opinion, you really outdid yourselves in demonstrating what producing extraordinary events exemplify.

 I can’t wait to see how Chicago is going to raise the stakes next year!  Start making your plans now, and we will see you there!

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“The Power Mompreneur”

I am a mom.  My husband and I have one beautiful little girl, and within the next couple of weeks, we will welcome another little blessing to our family. I am also an event planner.  It is a stressful career by anyone’s definition, unless your knowledge of the industry is based on the movie, “The Wedding Planner”.

 With the long demanding hours I spend with my clients, staff and on site in various destinations around the world, intertwining the two most important parts of me seems like an insurmountable task.  My family always comes first, and I’m always trying to find the perfect balance to make both parts of my world work like a well-oiled wheel.

 One side of me is fueled by the maternal desperation to be a “super mom” and the other part of me is driven by the desire to be a successful entrepreneur.   It’s been difficult enough with one child, but as I contemplate the impending arrival of baby number two, I began wondering how I am going to manage the time and the energy to tend to both my business and my growing family.  I realize that I’m not the first mother to ponder this thought, and so I turned to the Internet to see what I could find.

 In between the web, and talking to colleagues I have discovered there are many other women out there that struggle with the same challenges and they are eager to share ideas, provide support, and engage with other women (and dad’s too) about being both a great parent and a successful “Mompreneur”.

 I’ve found several great examples of women that are managing both worlds very effectively.  Let me share a success story with you.

 New York Fashion Week: Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Empowers Fellow Mothers with ‘Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show’  Read here

In addition, I found some social networks that offer support to women in business that are moms:

 Social Network:  Circle of Moms: Circle of Moms

 Mommy Masters™:  Mommy Masters™ was created by mom blogger Ellie Hirsch, who has become known as “The Mommy Master™.”  She is the proud mother of two little boys under five, along with baby number three on the way.  She often functions as a single married mother while her husband travels during the week and spends her free time and nights tirelessly building her Mommy Masters™ business.  Mommy Masters allows women to share their experiences, both triumphs and hardships, enabling them to become better mothers, wives and friends. She has become the go-to mom blogger for moms who are seeking motherhood blog advice in the form of ideas and encouragement, living up to her title of a woman to watch in 2012.

 So you see, “Mompreneurs” are taking the world by storm, and even within our own industry of special events the idea is really taking hold and businesses are creating better, more flexible opportunities that support being a mother and a successful businesswoman.  We are a powerful group of women!

 That’s what the WOW! Moms session at the 2012 The Special Event Show in Tampa, Florida was all about – mothers inspiring and supporting other mothers in the special event industry.  I didn’t personally get to go since I can’t travel until after the baby arrives, but a colleague and friend of mine, Ruth Moyte from Red Dandelion Creative was one of the panelists along with eight other industry moms in various stages of motherhood all moderated by “WOW Moms” founder, Michelle Bergstein, Marketing Director at Exhilarate Events in Orlando.

 The group shared, inspired and engaged with mothers and mothers-to-be who are business owners and businesswomen in the industry.  I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from the session, and you can bet that I will be front and center next year if they offer it again.

 Ruth was kind enough to share with me her Survival Guide from the session. She has a 25-year old daughter, so she closed out the session and this was her portion of it.  Reading these made me laugh, and lord knows I need to laugh right now.   I think we can all relate to some of these:

Top 10 Survival Tips for Event Moms:

 10.  Don’t forget your child at school.  The police will call and your child will ask you…”Do you want me anymore?”

 9.   Do make sure that your child gets to see an event you produce.  They WILL think you are a superhero for creating such magic.

 8.   Don’t expect your child not to ask you a question when you are on an important phone call at your home office.  That’s the only time they need something.

 7.   Do use your child as a resource for opinions and ideas.  They are bundles of inspiration and creativity.

 6.   Don’t forget to pay attention when your child says they have a surprise for you.  It might just be an “event” they created to get your attention.

 5.   Do create an event for YOUR child.  They will know that you use your “magic” for them too and you’ll be the coolest mom on the block.  I still am.

 4.   Don’t expect your child not to say something embarrassing in front of a client.  That’s part of their job and they take it very seriously.

 3.   Do plan play dates with your child.  It’s your special event time, and they become important communication sessions.

 2.   Don’t try to push your child to be an event planner when they grow up.  Chances are, they are going to see that it takes entirely too much time out of their day.

 1.   Do take steps to make sure that your child knows that the sun actually rises and sets on them.  Those two very important moments during the day ensure that you will have a healthy and happy relationship…even when there are moments you will surely wonder.

I know that I haven’t gotten the whole “Mompreneur” thing figured out perfectly yet.  I do feel better knowing that there are millions of other mothers out there that, like me, are looking to interact, share tips, laughs, tears and stories and together figure out how to manage everything in our worlds.  I feel inspired, joyful and ready to take on the challenge.  So, I guess I better get the nursery ready – cause according to this little bundle kicking away inside me, I’m going to need it VERY soon.

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Happy Cupid’s Day!

It’s almost time for America’s favorite Hallmark holiday – Valentine’s Day! We’ve been scouring everywhere for ideas to create just the right VIBE!.  We know you probably are too, so we thought we’d share some slightly different ideas we’ve found that you can use to make Valentine’s Day special for your favorite affection!  From the outrageous to the simple, there’s something here for everyone.

  • A romantic getaway! Destination:  Paris!

You can never go wrong with a relaxing trip for you two to spend some quality time together. Why not venture off to the most romantic city in the world, Paris! The beautiful Hotel Sezz Paris offers cozy and minimalistic luxury with 26 spacious rooms. For the month of February, they’re offering rose petals, a ½ bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and sweets in your room upon arrival in addition to a limousine tour of the city!

  • Sweetheart Cake Pops!

Never heard of these little delicacies before? Check out these lovely little morsels from They’re the combination of a cupcake and a lollipop with all the decadence and delight you need to impress your loved one. Still want a little something more? Why not a cake pop bear with a personalized note attached? Download the tags for free at

  • Valentine’s In A Box!

Is your sweetie going to be far away on the big day?  Don’t worry, you can still send him/her a valentine in a box.  Go to the store, and get a balloon, some macaroni and cheese, a movie and two candles and a bag of chocolate Hershey kisses.  Put them all in a box with a note that explains how much you will miss being with them on Valentine’s Day, but this is what you’d do if you were together.  The balloon represents your decorations.  Ask them to blow it up.  It should have a cute message on it.  Heart shaped balloons with sweet messages are easy to find this time of year.  The Macaroni and candles are for a candle lit dinner, (you can substitute any kind of boxed food), and a movie you know you’d like to watch if you were cuddled up together, and then fill the extra space in the box with Hershey’s chocolate kisses.  They have several kinds now so be sure to select his or her favorite.

  • Fun at the Office!

Many people don’t often think you can mix Valentine’s Day and work together without getting awkward, but that’s far from the truth. If you have a few chefs in the office, a fun activity would be to bring heart shaped food items to work for everyone to share such as lasagna or pancakes or even hamburgers. You can even turn it into a game, awarding the most creative idea with a gift bag or gift card from a popular restaurant!

  • Go Love Postal!

We ran across this idea and found it to be creative, simple and fun! Buy your Valentine’scard now and mail it out to Loveland, Colorado for extra special treatment. Your card will be postmarked LOVEland, Colorado and it will also be hand-stamped with a unique four line poem.

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce heads up this yearly romance project with cards going to all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries annually.


It’s simple. Just enclose your pre-addressed, pre-stamped Valentine’s card in a larger envelope and mail to: Postmaster, Attn: Valentines, Loveland CO 80537

You can also send it to postmasters of these cities too:

  • Valentine, Texas 79854
  • Valentine, Nebraska 69201
  • Kissimmee, Florida 32741
  • Loving, New Mexico 88256
  • Bridal Veil, Oregon 97010
  • Romance, Arkansas 72136

We hope you will be inspired to do something unique and different, and remember there’s nothing wrong with your sweety’s favorite flowers and a bottle of chic new perfume or cologne.  Perhaps Calvin Klein’s most recent fragrance “Beauty” would be a hit with its sensual undertones of calla lily, jasmine and warm musk.

We’d love to hear your ideas too!  Either way we are sending Valentine’s wishes from the VIBE Agency straight to you!

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Everybody ‘ve just gotten home from The Special Event Show in Phoenix, Arizona where its a great opportunity to make some new friends, found some great new products, learned a lot and had a great time attending all the industry events!

We’re full of new ideas – new ideas for linens, entertainment, lighting technology and much, much more…and we’re going to share it all with you!    These are just a FEW of our favorites!

Get Tuff!!!  Tufftext that is…!

Tufftxt ™ was just launched for the first time at The Special Event Show in the General Session.  It’s an all inclusive audience response, gaming and texting  platform that will take your audience experience to the next level.

You are going to love this very cool system.  Let us tell you a little about it.

1.       You can have the audience answer questions.

2.       You can have the audience ask questions

3.       You can play games to test knowledge and skill of your sales teams

4.       TheText2 Screen allows attendees to text their responses right to a screen.

5.       You can filter the responses erasing any message or words that might not be appropriate.

6.       Customizable graphics and branding.

And, the best part?   ****drum roll****

It works from almost any mobile or smart phone making it cheaper than traditional audience response systems.  As event planners, we are always looking for ways to help our clients save money, right?  Find out more about it at We would love to help you revolutionize your audience interaction with this great new product at your next meeting or conference!

We Go Wild …over Wildflower Linens!

As usual, Wildflower Linens had amazing linen stylings that will make your event look like a million bucks.  Their linens are sophisticated and classy.  We always look forward to seeing what they have to offer every year! Want to get your creative juices flowing?  Check them out.

Rainy days and Mondays…don’t have to get you down!

As event planners, we always worry about weather conditions when we are planning an event.  Well now you can talk to a meteorologist and find out exactly whether that rain will end in time to keep your event attendees dry and warm.  Check out and chase your weather worries away!

Ooooh and Ahhhhhhh!  Take Your Tables Over The Top!

Want to step up your tabletops?  Then you’ll want to check out They definitely get our creative juices flowing.

Windy Events?  Harness the

We are constantly on the lookout for great products that are high impact for great value…and this is one of them.  Check out .    We can’t wait to use these for YOUR next event!

We ended a fun show with a great evening at the Gala Awards & Celebrations! Congratulations to all the 2011 Gala Awards Winners!

It was a fun, productive and educational show!!!  Thank you, Phoenix for all your warm hospitality…we are inspired, excited and ready to rock 2011…For more information on any of these products or for a custom order of creativity, please contact

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Getting Organized

My friend Beth Schneider gave some great advice this weekend on how to get organized.

Here are her 10 ways on jump-starting your organization:

1.       Break big projects into smaller more manageable pieces. Delegate and work at one piece at a time.

2.       Pick specific times of the day to check and answer email. Check it only during those times, handle the mail, delegate the mail or delete. That way you don’t have to keep visiting the same issue over and over.

3.       Have a regular team huddle. In football they come together for a couple of minutes to go over the plan and then execute. Use that model. Bring key team members together for 15 minutes, talk about the plan and the priorities, then execute and implement.

4.       Create role descriptions for key team members so they fully understand what is and is not their responsibility.

5.       Stop and explore some of the intermediate to advanced features of the technology you already own.Most people use a fraction of what their software is capable of. Utilize the technology you have to automate and streamline tasks.

6.       Implement a screening process. Have a series of questions you ask potential clients so you can quickly tell if they are a good fit for your programs.

7.       Create general scripts and FAQs so team members can answer questions and handle clients for you. You don’t have to write word for word scripts, but a general overview gives your team members the power to handle things without having to stop and ask you every minute.

8.       Have your team members create templates and checklists wherever and whenever they can. Then make sure they are using them.

9.       House frequently used scripts, checklists, templates and processes online so your virtual team has access to the tools they need to get things done faster. Try something like Google Docs or Officezilla. Both are free tools that are easy to use.

10.   Create a production schedule that plots your regular marketing efforts. Things like newsletters, direct mail, teleclasses, JV promotions, etc. This will establish the deadlines when things need to be released. Then work backwards to figure out when the work needs to get done to meet those deadlines.

So get with the VIBES and Get Organized!

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

Info. To Know

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has come to Miami featuring some of the worlds best designers!

Featuring swimwear one can see designers showing their new lines on the run way such as Ed Hardy, Lisa Maree, Aquarella. To find out more designers visit the official webpage of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami here.

Places To Be Seen

The kick off party will take place Thursday, July 15th, 8-10 PM at the Raleigh, pool deck & Oasis.

The shows start July 15th and last until the 19th. A schedule of the fashion shows can be found here for printing in case some designers caught your eye.

Check out the official site for the week and keep posted on each new design as the days go by Miami Swim Fashion 2011.

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Summer 2010 is here…

Summer is here and it is hotter than ever here in South Florida. Late afternoon showers and high percentages of humidity, make sure to always have an umbrella and use lots of anti-frizz hair products for the next few months ahead.

This is the perfect time to start planning your next picnic or BBQ down by the lake or on a boat, ultimate pool party like you never had/been to before, and the most calming and peaceful/eccentric summer wedding. Over the next series the blogs we’ll give you our best tips and ideas on how to throw these events together and make you next event get with the VIBE.

The colors to keep in mind this season are  bright pastelsdeep forest tones, and fun in the sun neutrals. We went ahead and took the liberty of pairing the palettes with different kinds of summer events …to give  you some ideas/ tips  of what you can do and places you can find items to do it yourself at home , if you got that creative touch.

Here are some other trends you might want to keep an eye out for this summer as well…

CND’s long lasting Shellac. Courtesy Photo

1. The buzz on nails is bold blues and greens, sizzling metallics and chip-free manicures.

a.Try out CalGel, CND Shellac and OPI Axxium the newest trend in nail polish that will have your manicures/    pedicures lasting that much longer. Want to know more visit StyleList.

Images from: Blog Catalog

2. Designers launching there there new creations-

a.Veritas launches it “Amongst Us” line  which has designs coming right out of the cast of Gossip Girl…so all you XOXO fans make sure one of these pieces of art are hanging in your closet.

Image from Shameless

3. Jewelry that makes a statement

a.  Shameless Jewelry by Shea Curry make a statement this summer and join the long list of celebs that have already joined in the indulgence: Ashlee Simpson, AnnaLynne McCord, Gwen Stefani, Hayden Panettiere, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, just to name a few.

With a KISS of Summer !! stay tuned for the blogs ahead.

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Moleskine Product Launch

Moleskine Passions : Choose the one that fits your lifestyle

Everyone knows the legendary book or Moleskine notebook. The legend tells us that Hemingway, Picasso and Van Gogh  used these notebooks to take notes, to write their best-sellers, to outline their fabric, mark down evidence, ect…. Personally,I’m a big fan of books , of all kinds. I’ve  always had Moleskine in my bag (the traditional model ,black, and line filled). Yes , this notebook is so known quite simply as; Moleskine. I often pass on the site of the mark to see works of art that other users of this notebook manage to produce: the pages were painted, drawn, and colored. In short there is for all the tastes, of all the styles but it is always a treat for the eyes.

After the notebooks for the drawing, the notebooks in several formats, the diaries, etc, Moleskine arrives with notebooks called Moleskine Passions. There exist several sets of themes like the wine, the books, etc…

An interior, full with things interesting such as for example a calendar with the fruit and vegetables, month by month, for the northern  hemisphere and southern…

… of the tables of conversion…

… and well many other things!

One arrives then at the pages of receipts: some of the tabs are already allotted but the  others are left free for us to define our own categories:

This was a quick example of the recipe passions notebook, but each Moleskine passion is uniquely different and fun to use to organize some aspect of your life!

Check out the normal journal one from Moleskine .

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Organic Elegance Mother’s Day

So, with just 4 days to go until mom’s special day, we are continuing the series of “How-To” Themed brunches. Today let’s focus on an Organic Elegance. When we say that, we mean keeping it natural, using local ingredients, keeping it real – preservatives free if possible, using elements that will enhance the brunch and keep us close to nature.

At the VIBE agency, we try to be eco-friendly. It is the only way to keep the planet going, and we hope we can change the world, one person at a time. To demonstrate our love for the environment, and mom, and  help raise awareness of going green, we’ve decided to create an Organic Elegance Mother’s Day theme. Celebrate your Mother’s Day by also celebrating the Earth we live on! This simple and easy green-inspired party will leave everyone feeling refreshed and delighted, especially mom!

For décor, we’re keeping it simple and responsible. Try an earthy burlap cloth to dress the tables, which will preferably be located outside — in a garden, in your backyard, on a balcony, anywhere the sun can shine. As for centerpieces, if you’ve learned one thing from these themed blogs, it’s to be creative with centerpieces! You can play around with terra cotta or wheatgrass pots, fill them up with moss add some flowers on top, and you got yourself a beautiful earthy design.

Try a “veggie garden/crudités display” by placing baby carrots, zucchini, squash, and cucumber spears (Organic? Better!) in wheatgrass pots. You can also use bamboo plates, which add to the earthy elements and are also reusable. If you must use disposable plates (after all, no one likes cleaning up… and no asking mom!) try these biodegradable options: Verterra, Bambu, Ecopalm – functional, responsible, and pretty!

For the main dish, visit any local farmers market for an array of delicious fruits and vegetables. Try an heirloom tomato salad. Buy an assortment of beautifully colored heirloom tomatoes— green, purple, red, yellow— cut up, add some fresh basil and a hit of aged balsamic vinaigrette.

Next, go to your favorite local fish market, and pick up your favorite fresh catch. Cut up some squash, carrots, and zucchini, add with fish in a ceramic baking dish, add a squeeze of lemon and olive oil, dash of salt and pepper, and bake at 400°F. Cooking time will vary depending on what fish and the thickness of the filet. Thin filets usually take 15 minutes, small steaks anywhere from 10-15. So keep an eye out!

Lastly, whip up some fresh squeezed ginger orange juice. Squeeze fresh oranges, add 1 teaspoon of crushed fresh ginger for every cup of OJ, and heat until boiling, let boil for 5 minutes total. Pour juice through a strainer, serve warm or cold.

With these delicious dishes, you are sure to impress your guests, while also becoming a responsible locavore! Mom won’t forget, and our Earth will appreciate your gorgeous green affair.

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