Award Winning Event!

We are very proud and excited that in partnership with The VIBE agency, our client won an Esprit Award for Best Creative Solution!  It shows that we partner not only in creative exchanges, professional and original business solutions, but also in great success.

 Our job is to create emotions, conduct events for our clients in an original, unique and well-executed manner.  When Red Velvet Events won the award for our collaborative effort, we knew that we’d achieved the goal.

 The Esprit Awards if you are unfamiliar with them recognize International Special Events Society (ISES) members who have excelled in their respective event field throughout the year. The awards offer multiple categories that represent the different disciplines within the events industry and are a worldwide award designation.

 We are very pleased about the recognition rendered to RED VELVET EVENTS, INC. and hope that many other customers of The VIBE Agency will be honored through events organized in conjunction with us.


 Here are some highlights from the award-winning event that we produced with our client, Red Velvet Events!

 Rocking Out At The Orange Bowl

 In January, we had the opportunity to put together a hospitality event for Red Velvet Events at the Orange Bowl and boy did we have a blast with it!  The client loved Stanford and they loved rock and roll.  Our mandate?  Rock the Orange Bowl!  The evening was full of rock and roll, good food, great drinks and lots of fun!  Click here to find out more about what we did!

The Righteous Venue:

It doesn’t get cooler than the W Hotel brand and The Great Hall. The stylish, urban luxury gave way to a whole other experience.   It was unexpected and left guests talking about the evening long after they left.

 The ‘No Duh’ Event Design

 Remember the 80’s?  Big hair, parachute pants, Rubik’s cubes, tight, tight black jeans, Top Gun, concert t-shirts and hair bands…those were the righteous days of the 80’s and we brought it back to life just for this event.

 Getting past Security wasn’t an option unless you had the VIP All Access “Stanford Rocks” Super VIP Wristband and they were in short supply. After all, it was the hottest ticket in town during the Orange Bowl.

 The entryway to the event was “backstage”.  Lighting cases, trussing and a custom logoed ice luge held hints of what awaited them inside the ballroom.  Guests were transported back to the days of the 80’s metal bands when big hair and parachute pants were totally tubular.  Welcome to an evening where rock and roll reigns supreme.

 The feel was dark and sexy. Lighting was dramatic and architectural with deep, striking hues of red and electric purple accented with highlights shooting through the darkness and washing up walls.  A high energy DJ in a corrugated metal booth hyped the crowd from the moment they entered the room.

 Comfortable and sleek groupings of large ottomans finished off with custom Stanford Rocks! pillows created areas for the fans to chill before the righteous Steel Panther show began. Chrome and glass cube tables finished off each grouping and provided a place for guests to set a drink or a plate.

 The stage was the focal point of the room and why wouldn’t it be with the Steel Panthers taking the stage for a rocking concert?  The backdrop was shaped from brushed aluminum panels held in place with truss pillars and lit with electric blues, purples and red.

 The dull roar of the crowd upped to fever pitch as the Steel Panthers took the stage for a night of seriously amped up rock and roll!  As they used to say in the 80’s….it was one ‘bad’ evening.

 But that was just the beginning…

After catching a short nights sleep after rocking out to the Steel Panthers the night, before, we picked the guests up by bus and headed to the Orange Bowl where we’d set up a private clearspan tent and created a Stanford Rocks tailgate party inside.


The look was modern and minimalistic and set with touches of Stanford (guess who the client was cheering for?) throughout.  Centerpieces were square containers with wheatgrass and finished with custom Stanford helmets.  Around the area, small groupings of lounge furniture with custom Stanford Rocks pillows provided comfortable hang out spots for the guests to party. Servers and walking buffets were costumed in umpire outfits.

 Food was stadium themed fare complete with hamburgers and hotdogs…and beer along with a full premium bar.  It was a serious tailgate party after all.

 During the early event, a DJ rocked revved up the guests…but then who else better to bring before the game but Bon Jovi?  And hype them up he did.  After the performance guests were escorted to game box suites to cheer on Stanford.  The only thing better than the experience, was that Stanford won the Orange Bowl which absolutely took it over the top!!!!  Go Stanford go!!!!

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