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“Eclipse” Special VIBE Edition

The third part of the saga finally comes out to theaters June 30th, 2010 . Time to start planning your Eclipse  Event.

While browsing I noticed that a lot of people have been inspired by this saga and created magical events focusing on dominate themes throughout the films.

Take a peek- look at some of the things people have done:

This wedding went all out and will captivate you and go with any theme that goes with apples…

These blogs give great tips and ideas to do it yourself at home!

The main elements of this particular Twilight party were:

mood lighting created with white twinkle lights & candles
red (blood-themed) cocktails, favors, & drinks
apples & Italian food
framed quotes from the book & movie (pictured at top & below), which I dressed up a bit in photoshop, then printed out & framed. (The framed quote above is a line from the movie that Edward says when he catches an apple in a manner that mimics the book cover.)…. Want more? Check it out: Hostess

This blog had some pretty cool ideas for goodie bags/ party favors

A handful of the New Moon party-goers organized ahead of time to create a goodie bag item (Twilight-themed) to exchange at the big party… Want more ? Check it out: I Need More Glitter

Clips and Trailers:

Allow for the third video to fully buffer and then  Enjoy!

Those of you who have read the books obviously know who Bella chooses , but who would you prefer her to choose?

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