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The VIBE Agency Goes Bananas!!!!

Life is about milestones and celebrations along the journey, and last year, Turbana had a lot to celebrate.  Forty years in business, forty years of growth, forty years of accomplishments and sustainability and looking ahead to the next forty years of even more success!  It was Turbana’s birthday – and we went bananas!!!!

Destination:  Orlando

Venue:  Double Tree Hotel, Castle Ballroom

Number of Guests:  120

Down the walkway to the Castle Ballroom, banana crates were stacked and branded with the Turbana logo and lit in bright vibrant colors of blue, purple, red, pink and green. Birds of Paradise Palms were up lit and helped to create the sultry ambiance we were looking for.    Guests only needed to follow the path of six big milestone stars underfoot to know they were headed in the right direction.  At the end of the walkway, there was a quick stop at a branded step and repeated for a quick photo with costumed girls in lime green and banana yellow satin and then it was full speed ahead to the party.   There was a sizzle in the air and we got that party started!

Further into the ballroom, waiters in custom Turbana shirts and bistro aprons welcomed guests to the birthday celebration with a cold Turbana Bananatini and a warm greeting.  Tropical flavored rhythms created a hot and sultry feel to the evening.  It was festive and exciting.   For the first forty five minutes, sumptuous tray passed hors d’ oeuvres of coconut shrimp, chicken salsa in plaintain cups and crab cakes were offered by wait staff.

As with any festive event, people wanted plenty of icy cold libations and we had them all. As a fun enhancement, specialty drinks were served from a custom ice bar with an etched Turbana logo.  Turbana Pineappletini anyone?

The room was awash in vivid tropical inspired colors.  Glass cut gobos splashed Turbana onto the walls intercut with break up patterns of banana leaves on the ceiling. Existing chandeliers were enhanced with banana leaves.  There was no mistaking the evening was hot, sultry and tropical!

Around the ballroom, high top and cocktail tables were set and surrounded by modern bar stools so that guests could find a spot and enjoy their food.  The tables were lit in bright-hot tropical green.  In addition to the variety of table seating, sleek lounge groupings of white leather furniture created spaces for people to sit, chat and enjoy a drink.   Lit, cubed plexi pillars in varying heights, and similarly styled coffee table height cubes in matching tropical colors completed the style of the look and created areas for places to sit food and drink.

Buffets were dressed in bright red linens and buffet floral were created from a variety of tropical fruits (mostly bananas) and banana hands to honor the “top banana” of the evening as well as provide a unique look.  Serving vessels were authentic bamboo and banana leaf finishing off the tropical look of the buffet! The menu was Caribbean in flavor with sumptuous edibles like Stuffed Artichokes, Crispy Fresh Salads, Grouper, Jerk Chicken, and Beef Tips with Plaintains.  Every bite was delicious.  To complete dinner, later in the evening, there was a decadent Banana’s Foster Station for those that may not have wanted some of the delicious birthday cake (It was a surprise!).

After dinner,  the lights were dimmed and Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha began to play and two dancers rolled the cake out to the stage and everybody joined in to sing happy birthday.   The cake itself was a fun sight to behold with three layers of gloriously delicious cupcakes arranged to resemble a three tiered cake.  On the top, a fruit arrangement created from different varieties of bananas and finished off with a 40’s candle and sparklers.  We did say it was a celebration, right?

The DJ immediately lit up his turntables with some funky fun music to get guests out on the floor to celebrate and dance the night away.  It was non-stop until the event ended.

Leaving the party, each guest was handed a small custom logo gift bag stuffed with lime green and yellow tissue containing a small memento to remember the birthday party where everyone went bananas celebrating Turbana!  Here’s to the next forty!

At the VIBE Agency, we get it.  It’s about your event, your brand and our best efforts to assist you in creating an experience that speaks exactly to your event’s purpose.

This event was a celebration, a rebranding and a kick off to the future success of the company.  We delivered on every objective the client asked for and exceeded there expections.

Here’s what our clients had to say….” Valerie, thank you for organizing such a great event for Turbana’s 40 year anniversary celebration.  All the attendees had a great time and it was a refreshing change from the typical events usually organized in the produce industry.  You did a fantastic job!” M.T

“I want to thank you for the great job at our party. Everything was perfect and very well organized !!!. All customers and employees were really impressed. We also had a lot of fun. Thanks for a great job !!!” J.A

Contact Valerie@thevibeagency.com to find out how we can help YOU create just the right VIBE for your event!!!

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VIBE’S Highlighted Destination Spot: Istanbul, Turkey

The Vibe Agency offers destination management services throughout the world.  From October 1 – 7, Valerie Bihet traveled to Istanbul to assist with all logistic aspects of a major bank convention.  We would like to feature this grand city as a highlighted destination for future clients.  Included are fun facts, “in the know”, where to eat and drink, where to shop, and most importantly a few venue selections.

Fun Facts:

  • Istanbul is historically also known as Byzantium and Constantinople.
  • Istanbul is the largest city in Europe with a population of 15 million
  • It bridges the continents of Europe and Asia, with parts of the city on either side of the Bosporus Strait.
  • Turkey is famous for its carpets, baths, textiles, ceramic tiles, tea and coffee, and a visitor will get a generous sampling of all.
  • It is illegal to photograph Turkish military installations, hardware or personnel.

In the Know:

  • Nazar Boncugu is a round bead in the shape of an eye made from blue glass with a hole in the middle.  Nazar means “evil eye” in Turkish.  Turks believe it will protect them from nazar powers.
  • Tipping in restaurants is optional.
  • It is impolite to refuse the offer of a drink when in a person’s home or place of work.
  • It is impolite to blow your nose in public and do not show the soles of your feet when sitting.

Read on for places to eat, drink, shop and venue selections

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Trendsetter Alert: The Ice bag®

As an event planner I am always looking for new ideas, updated technology and trendy ways to liven up a party or event.  There are always new ideas for branding and adding that special touch to make a memorable event. 

I introduce to you the Ice bag®.  It is the new generation of the ice bucket and originated in France.  The product is now available in the U.S. so make sure you take a look at this unique accessory. 

It is a modern and innovative bag that brings life to the traditional ice bucket image. It is easy to use and it has a double function! It is used to carry and keep your bottles fresh; it is also an original trendy gift.

There are several types of bags; each with a unique purpose.  There is the Basic collection which offers the bag in your choice of color.  The Message collection allows you to insert personal messages or business cards as a form of promotion.  City Collection was created to sell the image of a city; ideal as a souvenir or gift after a trip.

With Tempo collection, the line is dedicated for all holidays of the year including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.  There is also a V.I.P collection specially designed for special events. 

The Pro range is for professionals with 7 references dedicated to restaurants, hotels, country clubs, caterers, wineries.  It is only used as a communication/service tool or for promotions.

The Ice bag® may be used in other sectors as Business gifts, new product launches and also to offer to offer products which can be used again and again.

Let us help you plan your next event with these wonderful gift incentives!

But wait! There are more!

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Last Minute Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in two days and if you are hosting a dinner and have just realized the little time you have to plan, never fear!  The Vibe Agency is here to give you a few quick tips to add to your festive dinner.

Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  It is a time for families, friends and relatives to gather for a grand dinner and give thanks for all of their blessings.  

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast which is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies.   

Here are some last minute ideas:


Thanksgiving should reflect elegance.  Show off your style by adding arts and crafts to your table.  Print out these place cards and add a rustic touch by cutting slits into wine corks and wedging the place card into place.

For center pieces think autumn colors; orange, yellow, and brown.  Use whatever orange vegetables or fruits you can find; pumpkins, carrots, persimmons, oranges etc. Use a basket to hold fruits and veggies then add pinecones to complete rustic look.  Combine all elements and play with arrangement until you find the perfect fit for your center piece.  Add pumkin colored candles into a clear candle holder and place around your center piece.


Fast recipes:

Corn Bread Stuffing with Shrimp and Andouille

 50 Ways to make mashed potatoes!

Best wishes and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients, friends and readers.

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How Do You Make Staffers Feel Appreciated—at Little or No Cost?

Following our previous post, ” Holiday Party? Do Not Forget Your Hard Workers This Holiday Season,” we recieved several requests for ideas under $5,000. 

As I researched ideas over the weekend I found a great article to include on our blog full of small incentives and rewards for staff members.

The workforce is usually a second home for many, which also creates a family enviornment.  Remind your staff that your company appreciates their hard work and dedication.  Read on for more ideas in this great article:

ASK BIZBASH   11.16.09 9:00 AM  
How Do You Make Staffers Feel Appreciated—at Little or No Cost?

In a year of cutbacks and salary freezes, perhaps now more than ever, hard-working employees need to feel valued, even in small ways. Jennifer Savica, TD Bank’s vice president of event management, rewards her staff with little perks throughout the year, like taking everyone out for ice cream in the summer, treating people to their favorite drinks at Starbucks on a cold day, and occasionally allowing casual Fridays. “I try to show appreciation for my team every day by creating a true democracy—asking their opinions, including them in many of the department decisions, and empowering them to do their job,” she says.

Boston Beer Company has a gift policy that prevents employees from keeping items valued over $10 given to them by clients and event sponsors. “If someone gets something over that amount, we raffle it off to the office as a thank you,” says Kristen Smith, the company’s travel and event planner. Past items have included tickets to charity events the company has sponsored, movie screenings, and Red Sox tickets. “It’s nice to raffle these things off and make them available to anyone—and at no cost to the company,” says Smith.
Read on for more ideas

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Miami is Waiting for You

The VIBE agency, in partnership with the Morgan’s Hotel Group, has created a special discount package for your next affair.

Come and experience Miami’s dashing nightlife and trendy accomodations for your upcoming group event.

Interested in an incentive program for your hard workers?

Contact our office for special offers.

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Holiday Party? Do Not Forget Your Hard Workers This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach us, the workforce is in a constant tug-of-war about holiday parties.  With the huge layoff population, workers are feeling the pressure of more responsibilities.  Employees are working harder than ever to compensate for the shortage of staff and adjusting to the work overload.

As of today, holiday parties are a concern for major corporations as they decide whether or not to discuss openly  holiday party plans with the general public.  Businesses are also facing decisions as to have a holiday party or not  according to this article at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33841832/ns/business-retail//

 It is important, now more than ever, to show appreciation to those who have committed to your company.  Let us bring your next holiday event to life by creating a memorable party with a meaning of true holiday spirit.  Allow us to remove the stress of detailed planning from your busy hectic schedule.  Our team is ready to deliver satisfactory ideas with special attention to the clients needs.

 Whether working on a large or small budget, let us propose alternatives to tailor your requests.  We focus on sophistication and chic style on any scale to ensure professional service and outcome.

 As our gift, the VIBE agency would like to offer all of our clients, friends, and readers a 10 percent discount on any event $5,000 and up. 

When making memorable and meaningful holiday events, contact Valerie Bihet at 1.305.695.7798 or valerie@thevibeagency.com  and mention this promotion for 10% off any holiday event of $5,000 or more


Stay tuned for tips  for this holiday season as we post some unforgettable ideas!


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