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Moleskine Product Launch

Moleskine Passions : Choose the one that fits your lifestyle

Everyone knows the legendary book or Moleskine notebook. The legend tells us that Hemingway, Picasso and Van Gogh  used these notebooks to take notes, to write their best-sellers, to outline their fabric, mark down evidence, ect…. Personally,I’m a big fan of books , of all kinds. I’ve  always had Moleskine in my bag (the traditional model ,black, and line filled). Yes , this notebook is so known quite simply as; Moleskine. I often pass on the site of the mark to see works of art that other users of this notebook manage to produce: the pages were painted, drawn, and colored. In short there is for all the tastes, of all the styles but it is always a treat for the eyes.

After the notebooks for the drawing, the notebooks in several formats, the diaries, etc, Moleskine arrives with notebooks called Moleskine Passions. There exist several sets of themes like the wine, the books, etc…

An interior, full with things interesting such as for example a calendar with the fruit and vegetables, month by month, for the northern  hemisphere and southern…

… of the tables of conversion…

… and well many other things!

One arrives then at the pages of receipts: some of the tabs are already allotted but the  others are left free for us to define our own categories:

This was a quick example of the recipe passions notebook, but each Moleskine passion is uniquely different and fun to use to organize some aspect of your life!

Check out the normal journal one from Moleskine .


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