VIBE Event Spotlight: The Fragrance, The Food & The Fun

Recently, one of our clients, a distribution company in the luxury goods market, was looking to entertain a small group of their clients during a duty free convention in Orlando. They wanted to do something different and more interactive, something that was unusual.  We delivered a food and beverage event that was uniquely branded which provided an experience and connected and engaged the guests during the evening.  The interaction level has never been higher and guests had a great time.

We designed and implemented an interactive cocktail event at the Waldorf Astoria.  Held in one of the hotel’s private bars, we organized the guests into teams and created a mixology contest to entertain the guests.  Each team was assigned a fragrance tied to the client’s brand, and each of the teams had to create a drink that linked back to the specific fragrance and also the overall brand.

The enthusiasm ran at a high level since this was something the guests had not experienced before for a reception AND they got to create their own drinks.  At the end, (with lots of taste testing while creating), the guests voted on the best cocktail that represented their product.

Now clever drinks wasn’t all there was to the event.  Every hors d’ oeuvre was result of the creative mind of Francis Metais, Director of Food and Beverage at the Waldorf Astoria (an old friend and colleague from my Disneyland Paris days) around specific fragrances and the ingredients that make up the fragrance and served as accompaniments for the various drinks.  Guests could sample all or stay with their favorites.  Sample delicacies included Iced eggshells with tomatoes and spices for Giorgio Armani or for Diesel, Mandarin Lemon Chicken poached in butter and finished with Cedar Flour and Lemon Polenta. For Viktor Rolf it was Buttered Caramels with Bergamot and Cinnamon with Pink Pepper Flakes.   The combinations were all extraordinary and delicious and directly representative of the different fragrances they were paired with.

The client wanted an extraordinary experience that spoke directly to their brands and created an interactive setting for their guests.  We gave them exactly what they asked for.


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