Turning 40 with Fabulosity!!!!

Turning 40 is something that we as women look ahead to, sometimes with dread and anxiety and others with an excitement.  While not exactly excited, I decided to embrace 40…I mean after all, 40 IS the new 30!  I believe in celebrating BIG, and my own birthday was no different.  With 20 of my closest friends coming in from France to celebrate with me, I decided to design an exciting stay for them, complete with tours, fabulous evening events and lots of fun packed in. 

Let me share with you what I did to take my 40th over the top- maybe you’ll even find some inspiration to celebrate in style for one of your milestone moments!   From invitations to entertainment, the events were unique and avant-garde. In addition, it was all a last minute idea (imagine that with me being an event planner). I had a ton of fun planning a week-long celebration that made me feel like the star of the show!  Oh, wait.  I was! 

 I hope that you will find some great ideas to celebrate one of your very own milestones.  And, if you need help, I know this great planner who has lots of contacts and great ideas that will push YOUR party right over the top. 


 Night One:  Villa Mayfair


For 20 closest family and friends only, I took them to Villa Mayfair for an exclusive pre-opening experience.  (Yep, I’ve got connections like that!)  Villa Mayfair is a new restaurant in Miami, and let me tell you it’s fabulous.  You will definitely want to check it out.  The décor is to die for and the food…well scrumptiously delicious would be a perfect way to put it!

Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, Villa Mayfair is South Miami’s most intimate and sophisticated restaurant and lounge.  In a warm atmosphere designed by Francois Frossard, at the crossroad between antique and burlesque, Villa Mayfair offers the best of excellence and elegance.  With a diverse menu of Mediterranean delicacies, the quality of ingredients always takes center stage. Villa Mayfair offers after-dinner bottle service for some of the most exquisite Champagnes and under the sexy beats of renown local DJ’s.

 And, to think, I was just getting started.  I told you, 40 is meant to be over the top, fabulous!

Night Two:  Vita


As you can see by the invite, this evening was going to be sophisticated and sexy and brilliantly artsy (with a touch of elegant risque’).  OH, and did we mention sans husbands?  Yep, just 40 girls out on the town!  Whoohoo!

 The restaurant was unbelievable with a striking and lovely ambience. Modeled after the highly successful Baoli located in Cannes, France.  Vita by Baoli Miami is an upscale restaurant and entertainment establishment with an amazingly exotic atmosphere. The original gastronomic cuisine revealed unforgettable savors that sent us to the moon!

 The entertainment for the evening was deliciously fun.  Check out these pictures of the artist we had onsite painting live – a beautiful canvas, a live model…and my stomach.  Yes, you read right my stomach.  We will welcome a new bébé to our family early next year – and we made sure to include the little one in the party!

 Modeled after the highly successful Baoli located in Cannes, France.  Vita by Baoli Miami is an upscale restaurant and entertainment establishment set in an exotic atmosphere.  It has a unique décor and original gastronomic cuisine that will reveal unforgettable savors for all those seeking to step into another world. 

Night Three:  The Ultimate Beach Party!


A week of fun and celebration HAS to end with a finale and did I ever have one planned for ninety of my friends and family.  We all met at a parking lot in a park where they were greeted by a beautiful table girl in costume and offered a mojito….and then we asked them to sign a waiver (he he).  The adrenaline started to build as they agreed and then were handed a flashlight and a life jacket.  All they knew was that they were going on an adventure… we were going Night Kayaking.

 What a beautiful sight with all the flickering flashlights, people laughing and playing like kids…some even flipped over in their kayaks.  I did it myself (and at 7 months pregnant, it was the fun I was looking for).  After an hour of frolicking and playing, we headed to a beach.  There we had two bonfires set up, along with a dj booth, a dance floor and plenty of food and fun and tables set up for dinner under the beautiful Miami stars. Buffets were laden with barbecue, pastas and salads…light and delicious fare. 

 After dinner, guests were invited to the dance floor by fire dancer performers and they launched the dance party — the DJ was smokin and everybody was dancing under the stars…but we weren’t done yet…  we had a capoeira show with two guys that were even jumping over me  – it was just WOW!

 What would a birthday be without a marvelous cake  – and we had one.  It matched the cake on the invitation. At the end of the evening, we walked back to the parking lot.  Guests were stunned as they didn’t realize that we were really back right where we had started. 

 It really was a night full of adventure and surprise and we even had a party crasher  –  a guy arriving in a zodiac to the party…we invited him right along to celebrate with us!  Guests were raving…even the next morning when we had Hangover Miami – but that’s a story for another time!  We’ll just leave it as – THE MOST ULTIMATE BEACH PARTY EVER!

 Saying Farewell!


The morning after the beach party, it was time for all my wonderful friends from France to head home, but before they did, we headed to La Piaggia Beach Club for a private brunch.  And, the food wasn’t the only thing that was delicious there. 

 La Piaggia Beach is a stunning place to sit back and catch a glimpse of beautifully tanned bodies parading in the sun. It is the perfect spot to have an afternoon French-Italian brunch and attracts Miami Beach’s jet set crowd. Our guests relaxed near the water’s edge and took in the bold colors and saltwater swimming pool.

 It was the perfect spot to enjoy some quiet time and relive the fun times of the past week. 

 So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…40 only comes once!  I suggest you party like there won’t be a 41.  That’s the way I do everything in life though…with joie de vivre!


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