VERSATA at The Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2011

The Gartner Symposium is the industry’s largest and most important annual gathering of CIOs and senior IT leaders. It delivers independent and objective content with the authority and weight of the world’s leading IT research and advisory organization.

 Working with Versata, one of the exhibitors of the convention, we were part of a great event for 2500 guests in Orlando at the House of Blues featuring none other than Bon Jovi.  What a rush! 

 During the convention, the end client, an IT applications company, had a tradeshow exhibit booth.  We kept the concept very simple and only word of mouth was used to let it be known that the client was going to be putting on a huge party at the House of Blues.  They were pulling out all the stops with Cover Girls, Super Diamond and then a Private Concert with John Bon Jovi!  People went absolutely nuts to get their hands on tickets.  There were no invitations sent out, only the word of mouth and it was that word of mouth that gave the client, their most valuable visibility at the conference.

 During the evening, the client gave guests a preview of what was to come in the following year from their company and then the night rocked on.  For the next three days of the tradeshow, people were clamoring at the booth to get more information about the teaser information the night before and pick up a souvenir of the concert, which were goodie bags filled with things like t-shirts, CD’s, House of Blues items, raffle prizes and even shirts that were signed by the artist themselves.  Good thing we had seven beautiful hostesses to help manage the crowd!  It was a super cool tradeshow and an off-the-hook event that left customers talking and excited about the new applications the company would be launching.

 We love working with companies to find strategic and relevant ways to move their products forward, achieve their goals and build a loyal following.

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