We Love To Celebrate! This One’s For YOU!!!!

With as hard as we work as event planners, we learn to celebrate every moment that we can we it comes upon us.  Last year I had the pleasure of being bestowed with a Proclamation from the Mayor of Miami which declares May 26th as Valerie Bihet Day.

Whoohoo! –  another reason to celebrate how hard we work at the the Vibe Agency to create programs that creatively deliver the message of our client’s objectives.    While this may not hold national holiday status for everyone…in our hearts it is certainly a reminder to stop, smell the roses and appreciate all that our passion and hard work has accomplished.  It’s the little things that truly make this crazy and chaotic lifestyle so worthwhile…and this Proclamation is one of them.

I share this with my staff, my clients and all the countless people that I work with, for if it were not for the people that surround me with support, we would not be nearly as successful.

Please stop for a moment, accept my thanks and gratitude.  If you’re a client, thank you for your trust and your business.  If you are part of our team, thank you for your hard work and dedication.  If you’re a partner, thank you for working together with us to create spectacular programs that raise the bar in the world of meetings and events.

So on May 26th….stop, smile, and raise a glass.  I’ll be saluting you!!!!  Yes, it’s time to celebrate YOU!


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