Luxurious Creativity

At The VIBE Agency, we love it when we get to be a part of creating an unexpected solution for a very traditional project.  And, for one of our luxury brand clients, we got to do just that.

The Location: Miami, Florida

The Conference: International Association of Duty Free Stores

Number of Guests:  50-75 invited guests per day for three days

Our Objectives:

  • To provide an experience that is very different from the usual approach to the conference.
  • To provide a venue that supports the brand and allows for showcasing of product in a “natural environment” that underscores the presenting brand.
  • A single space which could be used for business meetings and marketing presentations by day, and casual upscale cocktail events in the evening.

Normally these events all take place in a convention center/convention hotel/tradeshow floor setting and the client didn’t want to do that this year.  They needed to really focus their money where they would get the most bang for their buck.  They also wanted the solution to be discreet and exclusive yet a captivating statement of their brand presence at the conference.

The VIBE Solution:

As event planners we know that solutions are not always found in transforming an ordinary space like a ballroom or sound stage.  Unique venues are readily available that can be utilized to creatively meet the needs of a client. (No, that’s not an epiphany).   These might be an art gallery, a boat, a penthouse, a museum or in this case a mansion.  Put a little effort and creativity into it and there is something more exciting that will underscore the brand style of the client.  We found a beautiful and exclusive mansion that was the perfect vehicle in design both  in interior and exterior architecture that gave us a solid starting point from which to brand the property

We took over the mansion and thoughtfully branded it with high visibility placement of logos and even brand statements that blended with the environment making it seem as if the house were the client’s own.

The décor additions were elegant, understated and minimalistic while accentuating the existing interior design and underscoring the client’s brand.    At VIBE we believe that you can be as powerful with accenting speaks louder than transformation and that was the case in this circumstance.

Along with being able to provide for all their venue objectives, the house had a full media room where the client was able to do high-end marketing presentations.

The evenings hours meant casual cocktail hours around the natural wood decked pool with a beautiful Florida sunset  and a stunning view as the backdrop.

We presented a stellar solution by providing an exclusive property for a very discriminating client.  It was then thoughtfully designed to create a space that spoke strongly to the company’s brand and culture while providing unique opportunities to present their product in an experiential way.

We’d love to hear from you!  If we can be of any assistance to you in helping you design an that fits YOUR brand perfectly,  please contact


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