Holy Smokes! Great Green Has Arrived!

With clients looking for ever new and innovative ways to green their events, imagine our excitement when we came across this STYLISH (and compostable) cutlery.  Wow!

NEW Rosseto® eco conscious cutlery features superior strength, elegant angular handle design, and compact size for convenience… AND…. they come in four colors – green (of course), pink, white and black.  Whoo hoo!  We love options!

With the colors that are offered, we have great ideas in our mind of how we can work these cool colored high grade “disposables” into our events – especially with the spring and summer months just around the corner.  What a refreshing reprieve from the mute beige or bamboo colors that you so often find when looking toward a green option.  We are very excited about these and we can’t WAIT to see what comes next as modish “green designs” become more and more available for all the elements of an event.

You can find these beauties at Rosetto®   www.rosseto.com

For this and other great green ideas for your event, please contact valerie@thevibeagency.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The VIBE Agency!!!


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