You’ve Never Met Las Vegas Like This Before!!!!

As you know, at The VIBE AGENCY, we are always searching for new venues and spaces that we can transform to meet the needs and objectives of our clients and their meetings, conferences and events.  We scour the world for great venues and this week, we want to show you a brand new space. Las Vegas or as we fondly call it,  Sin City has something for everyone and now it even has something that’s just for EVENTS.  MEET Las Vegas.  No, really.  That’s the name.  MEET Las Vegas.  Let us tell you a little about it.  We promise.  You’re gonna LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

WHY?  Because it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!

MEET Las Vegas is a new, unique event site, unlike traditional venues.  MEET was designed with one thing in mind – the success of our client’s events.  We’ve thought of every aspect needed for truly amazing events and built-in solutions for planners, from an innovative infrastructure and easy-to-hang experiential design elements, to customized lighting, cutting-edge technology, and multiple entry points for quick move-in and move-out.   At MEET, clients worry less and focus on branding, design and the other elements that make their event a success.

MEET’s goal is to help every client execute their dream event. MEET has the built-in technology and infrastructure to make it easy for clients to execute any event they can imagine, while removing the obstacles that hinder an event’s success.  The building is a blank canvas that clients can easily and quickly customize.  Clients can print their message directly onto MEET’s walls and floor, or hang a car or stage from myriad rigging points in its infrastructure. Digital signage displays and exterior banners give the client’s brand lasting impact both inside and out.  And, MEET’s lack of ambient light allows planners to use lighting to illuminate the room in any color to easily control their event’s mood and tone. MEET truly is a unique, event-friendly site, flexible enough to ensure a successful corporate or social event, including weddings. Anything the planner can imagine, can accomplished at MEET!


MEET is designed for one thing and one thing only: events. At MEET, your event will be tailored to your every wish, both inside and outside. MEET is your full and inclusive total branding experience!

Convenient and Accessible

Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, MEET is easily accessible no matter what part of town you are coming from.


Downtown Las Vegas is where the world famous city began. MEET Las Vegas is located on the corner of 4th Street and Bridger Avenue. Just a few short blocks from MEET you will find legendary casinos that first put this city on the map, such as the AAA Four Diamond-Rated Golden Nugget Hotel, which recently completed an extensive $325 million renovation.

Downtown Las Vegas is also known for its famous attractions. Located on the historic Fremont Street is The Fremont St. Experience and The Fremont East. The Fremont St. Experience is an open-air pedestrian mall, equipped with a fixed stage and live entertainment. You can´t miss it. It boasts a four-block long, 12.5 million bulb canopy that produces impeccable imagery to the public, for free, on a nightly basis. Adjacent to the Fremont St. Experience is Fremont East, downtown´s new entertainment district. Capitalizing on the nostalgia of old Las Vegas, Fremont East can be spotted by its lighted gateways and retro neon signs.

Las Vegas Strip

In addition to its amazing location in the heart of downtown, MEET is also only minutes away from the luxury and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip is renowned for its accommodations, restaurants, spas, and entertainment.

How could you not LOVE THIS PLACE?  It’s an event planner’s dream. In fact, we can’t WAIT to get to Las Vegas and utilize this venue. Come on, let’s go…

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about this or any other venue we can help with.  

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