Go Ninja For Your Event!

Earlier this month, we learned about this amazing restaurant in NYC from our friends at The Party Goddess.  We loved it so much that we wanted to share the idea with our readers!  We hope you will like it as much as we did!!!

Looking for an experience for a small group in the Big Apple? Then you might want to consider NINJA New York. With the latest rage being dining experiences ranging from blind dining to extravagant environments, NINJA takes it over the top.

Mystique abounds as guests enter into a re-creation of a 15th century Japanese castle. There are no servers in this restaurant, but only ninjas who guide diners through a series of twists and turns, across a drawbridge, and, finally, to a cave-like table. The dining room is like a Japanese garden or grotto and tables are nicely separated from each other.

The waiters are all “trained ninjas” and perform magic tricks and interact with you throughout the evening. It’s a one of a kind dining experience combined with high-end Japanese cuisine. “Servers” deliver specialty Ninja Art Dishes which all involve some kind of theater as they are served including, smoke, fire and very sharp knives. You’ll want to pay close attention as the theater experience is almost as good as the food.

Though an ala cart menu is available, most diners opt for Chef Michinobu Okamoto’s tasting menu. We think the NINJA New York is great for a small exclusive group that wants to have an adventurous and entertaining evening as well as great food.

Check out this video we found on YouTube. We think you’ll be most pleasantly surprised.    NINJA New York

When you’re ready to experience dining, NINJA style, give the Vibe Agency a call. We think you’ll love  this venue but we also have many others to help you create extraordinary and exciting experiences for your group.

Contact valerie@thevibeagency.com for more information on The Vibe Agency and find out how we can create a custom program for you and your guests.


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