It’s A Symphony of Creativity!

At The Vibe Agency, we always love to share inspirational and exciting finds with you, and this time, we’ve found a doozy!  Are you looking for a spectacular venue that is perfect for an event?  A super venue that doesn’t have that “been there and done that” feel to it?   A spectacular venue that just oozes opportunity to be oh so creative?  Well, look no further than the New World Center, home of the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy.  Stunning in its architecture, it is a cultural icon in the center of Miami Beach. Just recently opening it’s doors, it’s the newest and prettiest new venue on the block!

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry, New World Center features numerous spaces for performance and presentation; a flexible and variable seating performance hall, and  notable features like a flexible and technologically advanced performance hall that includes large acoustically reflective ‘sails’ that will surround the audience with sound and also serve as projection surfaces for visual presentations; a giant, 7,000-square-foot screen on the building’s façade that will project performances from inside the building to people sitting in the adjacent park, and practice and rehearsal spaces that are wired with 17 miles of fiber optic cable to allow musicians on site to connect to musicians around the world via the internet. (Can you just imagine how creative we can get with a 7,000 square foot screen?)  We are excited indeed!

The building includes the SunTrust Pavilion, a large multi-purpose room that serves as both the primary teaching space for the orchestra and as a space for performances, film screenings, lectures, meetings and recordings. Located next to the atrium on the ground floor, the east wall of the space is made of glass, allowing passersby to see the activity inside and be encouraged to enter the building. An upper terrace will permit people to observe the activities in the Pavilion without disrupting them, and will offer an expansive view over the public park.

It’s a cultural coup for Miami Beach and we hope one that will translate into a plethora of opportunity for special events.  It’s  a venue that offers plenty of  opportunity for creativity and innovation!

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