Rainy Day Business

Most people on a rainy day , when the beach is flooded would stay in doors.  Not,  here at the Vibe Agency.  Our work seems to follow us everywhere.  For instance , what I’m I doing right now? Working of course! As long as there is an internet connection the workplace is where ever you want it to be. So what is your Rain Plan?

Plan 1

Choose a great outfit to put an extra hop in your step. I would choose the more colorful one! Which one are you?

Plan 2

De-stress your work environment and crack open windows to hear the rain with a nice cup of well steeped tea.

Plan 3

Put aside your normal routine and add in sometime to update and revamp your social media outlets to reconnect with your followers.

Plan 4

Great time to to find new ways to plan your next great event.

1. Learn the  10  iphone apps to help you plan a party, thanks to the party goddess

2.  Get inspired and find your inspirations for the week, month, or year!

3. Connect with all of your suppliers and see what new things they are coming up with that could be useful to you.

Plan 5

Don’t forget to grab your umbrella before you leave the office, if you made it into work today!

So get with the VIBES and don’t let the rainy weather slow you down.


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