Weddings In The Summer…

Colors Trending

These colors are classic for any beach/ summer wedding theme and most of the ideas for decor that you usually find will come from this palette , but we challenge you to try the colors from the second palette.

Stand-out- Summer- Wedding! Be unique and give your wedding that extra pop of color  it needs so you won’t get washed out with all of those neutrals.

(Tropical Beach Weddings)

The montage of images are from squidoo and In The Details their inspiration boards are quite nice.

Inspirations for Breaking Traditions


Walking Away from old Traditions in those Snazzy Shoes

By Molly Bermea 20 May, 2010

For the last 5-years wedding traditions have been melting away. Planning for the big day has become a lot more fun and has almost turned into a competition on being the most unique. We’ve got to lend credit to the many wedding-related TV reality series which cover anything from stress-crazed Bridzillas to dancing outside the box with Rock the Reception to the many cake related reality shows showcasing both wedding and non-wedding (Cake Boss, Ace of CakesAmazing Wedding Cakes). It’s not that incorporating unique elements into weddings is something new. It’s that more people are becoming aware of their options and that it is OK to do so. Be it your entire theme or just using funky little accessories here and there to add pizazz.

Try it-I dare you- and NOT HAVE A WHITE DRESS for your wedding. In some cultures it’s common not to have a white dress. Why not join in on all the fun and choose a color that best suits you! Click it to see what others have done- Do you Dare to try color?

Finding A Photographer

Check out the links to see full blogs and details for the photos-Nicole Caldwell, Natalie James, Andrea Carlyle, Green Wedding Shoes and The Flash Dance

Finding a photographer is very important for your engagement and wedding sessions. These are the memories that will be viewed and talked about for a long time.  Above is a collage of poses and locations that I thought were amazing.

Things you want to remember when getting ready for your close-ups!

  • Make Sure you are comfortable with your photographer
  • Choose an epic location
  • Always bring several different outfits
  • Mostly, have fun!

Having A Back-Up Plan!

With South Florida’s weather we know better than not to have a back-up plan . Miami’s summer climate means you never  know what to expect,  so you should always have a place where your guest can go to continue the party if the weather is not working in your favor.

Our number one pick of course is Tenting.  You’re able to still keep everyone in a semi-outdoor environment and there isn’t much grounds to cover to reach the safety of the tent.

Giving Back !

Wish Upon A Wedding is a non-profit organization that creates everlasting moments for individuals that are faced with a terminal illness. Help support someone’s  magical day by wearing a “Wishing Star” and giving towards the cause. The star is no bigger the a dime and of course it’s something blue. Want more information on how to help out?- Click Wishing Star.

Have we gotten you excited about weddings this season? Make sure you do your research before you start to plan anything and find an event planner that fits you and fully embodies your ideas.

Catch up with the VIBES in a few and- until next time- tell us what you think of our inspirations !


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