Valerie Bihet :NBC 6- South Florida Today Interview Special

Topic of the Interview:

A fabulous and financially feasible girl’s night out/in party that promises to keep friends entertained.

Valerie Bihet, Director of The Vibe Agency, recently threw the ultimate girls’ night out party at 1111 Lincoln Road on the eve of the Sex and the City 2 (SATC2) premiere. Girlfriends all across Miami put their stilettos and cocktail dresses on to attend her Moroccan themed SATC2 party and special screening – an event held to salute friendship.

Being that Valerie Bihet is an expert at coordinating events, she has been invited to the South Florida Today show to speak about how to plan a fabulous, yet financially feasible girl’s night out/in party that promises to keep friends entertained.

Quality time with true girlfriends is priceless, however a girls’ night-out can be a little expensive. Not to worry though, Valerie knows the secrets on how to throw the ultimate girls’ night out/in on a budget, and she wants to share them with you.

Here are the tips that our Valerie gave:

1. Send out your “Save The Dates” via Evite– Let’s face it, we’re all online! Send out invitations to your soiree via Evite, its fast and easy to assemble, it’s received almost instantaneously, and it’s free!

Other options to consider:

-Creating an invite via Facebook

-If hosting a large event, save on invitations by designing your own event website. There are websites such as and that charge small monthly fees to host your website

-MAIN POINT= Get the word out of your event/party electronically – very cost efficient. Take advantage of the power of social media to increase exposure and if notifying friends via Twitter, make sure to use a unique #hashtag to track RSVP’s.

2.Look fearlessly fashionable and don’t break the bank– Ladies, let’s thank Target for launching the Go International designers campaign, making designer brands available to girls, for a portion of the price. In the last two months, Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier both premiered lines exclusive to Target.

You can also locate stores that offer the services of a complimentary personal shopper. One such store is (J.Crew in Miami Beach ). With the personal shopper’s fashion expertise and a trip to the stores sales section, you’ll be guaranteed a fabulous and inexpensive party outfit.

Also, most cosmetic lines at department stores will give you a total make-over for free, or after a purchase is made (usually $30-$50). Often you need to make an appointment before hand, so be sure to call in advance for more details.

Now to find the perfect outfit at an affordable price.

There is also the option of treating yourself to a spa day at the comfort of your own home. Using natural ingredients you can make face scrubs and masks to build a glow for your girls’ night out.

3.What’s a Party without Decor– There’s no need to spend a fortune on party decorations when you can place in-season flowers around the house by using recycled bottles of wine as vases. It’s also a great idea to create a slideshow of photos and stream them live from your TV – girls love to sit back and reminisce!

Other Options:

-Buy from websites like Oriental Trading that offer high quantity at a wholesale price.

4.Skip hiring a DJ, turn-up your iPod– While there’s something extremely enticing about having a DJ at your party, using your iPod to liven-up the evening is very convenient and cost-efficient. To keep with the party theme, play soundtracks to “Sex and the City” and “Sex and the City 2”, as well as other girl favorites:

1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

3. Material Girl – Madonna

5.The signature drinks– If you’re a “Sex and the City” Gal, then a Cosmo is what you’ll be having. In order to budget yourself for your girls’ night, be sure to create a drink menu with 3-4 signature drinks. By doing so you cut cost associated with buying multiple glass models and drink mixes. Some drink considerations include: Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, and Appletinis. For those not old enough to enjoy a drink, not to worry we have a pink drink for you! Simply mix Sprite with a pink lemonade powder, the result, a “Pink Lemontini”.

6.Have your girls bring a favorite appetizer dish– Put your girls to the “Rachel Ray” challenge and have each of them cook-up a fancy snack to bring to the party – this is an inexpensive alternative to ordering in or having dinner at a restaurant. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to bounce snacking ideas off one another for your next girls’ night.


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