Celebrating Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is June 20th. What will you be doing for dear old dad? Everyone makes such a big deal about mom, but dad never gets top billing. This year, celebrate Father’s Day with a cool, themed party. It can be at home – in- or outdoors – day or evening. Invite family and friends over and have a full out party to let dad know how much you care! Pick a theme – or just barbecue! Here are some cool ideas for themes, the décor, and serving suggestions to help you get started.

Themes for Dad:

Bad-Ass Barbecue:

Fire up the BBQ because we are cooking for Father’s Day! Usually it is dad’s job to stand over the grill, but unless he specifically asks to do it, make sure there is a designated BBQ’er. Steak, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob …may sound typical but it’s oh-so-good. Offer a variety of sauces and condiments for dipping. For a twist, throw clams and shrimp on as an appetizer. Fill a big tin bucket with ice and water and throw in beer, water, soda… all dad’s faves. Décor can be simple as bringing in wooden picnic tables (add cushions for comfort) or using old-fashioned red and white checkered tablecloths with eco-friendly disposable plates.

Pig Roast:

Distinctly Latin, this is a specialty that is not to be missed. For those who can do it, Bring your appetites as a whole pig gets slow-roasted in a “La Caja China” box. Simply place the pig (or any other meat you want to cook) inside the box, close the attached, place charcoal on top of the lid and start the roasting process. Grease from the meat flows into a catch pan so there’s no mess. Depending on the size of the pig, the whole process can take as little as four hours. You can rent or buy the box, which can be made of wood lined with metal to sleek stainless steel. Prices also range from approximately $100 to over $1,000. Check out www.shoplatintouch.com or http://www.lacajachina.com/.

Sports Bar:

There’s nothing better than a day of sports to really make a man happy. Use dad’s favorite teams to get the décor going – hang pennants, use football helmets as bowls to serve chips and peanuts, create centerpieces for the table from golf or baseball paraphernalia, serve hot dogs in foil bags (personalized for dad), French fries, chicken fingers and the like in paper holders/trays and beverages in big plastic (try to get the biodegradable type) cups. It’s a plus if you’ve got Direct TV – gather all the TVs in the house or rent a few and show any games that might be on that day – baseball, tennis, poker, golf and whatever else is on!

While browsing  I ran across this and i really liked it…it’s from the Wonderland blog and if you don’t have anything that you do special fro your dad there is no time like the present to start up a tradition to pass down.

Fathers Day Traditions

A father’s love is a powerful force. Here are ten meaningful family traditions to help you celebrate Dad this Father’s Day.

1. Make sure Dad knows that this is his day and that you will be spending time as a family doing whatever he wishes. If you have younger kids in the house, ask them to make him a crown that he can wear on his big day.

2. Let the kids make Dad breakfast and send it up to him on a tray when he wakes up. Also make sure he has a cup of coffee or tea, as well as the day’s newspaper and a sharp pencil if he enjoys doing the crossword or Sodoku puzzle.

3. Give Dad a Memory Jar. Cut 50 to 100 strips of paper, and give 20 or 30 to each family member so that they can each record special memories they have shared with dear Dad. This Father’s Day, present him with the jar. In subsequent years and on other important holidays throughout the year, you can add to the jar by including more strips of paper in his card or gift.

4. Ask the kids to write a letter to their Dad, detailing the things that they appreciate about him, as well as the special memories that they will treasure from the past year. Make this an annual tradition and keep the letters so that you can collect them in a book or album as the children get older. An alternative is to record the sentiments on video. Each year, you can watch the video and add to it.

5. Ask your dad about his favorite charity and, each year, make a donation in his name.

6. What is Dad’s favorite sport or activity? Take the family along for a bike ride or picnic, if he enjoys the great outdoors. If he’s a golf lover, have the kids plan a few hours of fun at the local putt putt course.

7. What is Dad’s favorite board game? Make sure to take time during the day to play a game.

8. Invite the dads in your neighborhood over for a barbecue. The moms can do the grilling while the dads relax with a cold glass of iced tea or other beverage.

9. If you don’t have grandparents or uncles living close by, make sure to give each of the special dads in your family a call or send them a handmade card.

10. In many countries, societies, schools and clubs have been organizing cultural programs, competitions to commemorate Father’s Day and pay tribute to fatherhood. Some of the common programs include craft making competitions, games and sports events. Board games play a prominent role in entertaining the people and the guest of honor.

Tell us what you think and make your next a event a VIBE one.


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