Five Common Mistakes People Make On Facebook

This is an article that my friends Merri Jill & Dave from HUTdogs sent me and I just thought that it was great information that everyone should know!

Five Common Mistakes Made On Facebook:
As we’ve been teaching workshops and helping people be more productive with their facebook time, we’ve noticed some common mistakes people make and areas of facebook that are misunderstood. Here are the top 5:

  1. Not segmenting lists. Most people don’t realize how this one simple fix can save time, keep personal and business relationships separate, provide more privacy control and allow you to target what you share with certain groups of people on your list. Segments show up everywhere on facebook.
  2. Not setting up privacy and notification settings. A lot of people we talk to are confused about the privacy settings.  They don’t realize they have a lot of control on facebook. So many new features have been added on facebook and they have scared a lot of people into thinking that facebook is sharing all of your information with other sites.  You just need to take the time to set the privacy settings to your comfort zone.  You are still in control. Segmenting helps with this.
  3. Being a wall flower and not participating. You get what you put into it. It is important to share and to be responsive to your facebook friends. Give a like or a comment on their posts. Ask a question now and again. Facebook is about two-way communication.
  4. Wall graffiti. If you write directly on a person’s wall or “tag” them in a status post or note (which automatically posts to their wall), be mindful about what you write. Your message should be about them and not an advertisement from you. Use your own wall or your fan page to post your billboards. Some people are confused about how to message on facebook and don’t realize when they write directly on someone’s wall, everyone can see it. Use the “messages” tool for things you want to keep more private.
  5. Auto populating from and to other social media platforms. Respect that the big 3, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, each have their own culture. If you set your system to auto populate (ie. you feed in from twitter) just make sure that what you say works for both platforms. For instance, the lingo on twitter can look like Greek to a facebook user who is not familiary with the @ and the #.

Want to learn more?

HUTdogs will be teaching a social media workshop on Wed., May 19 from 6-8pm at Kids Island in Arcadia.  We’ll cover a little twitter, a bit of LinkedIn with a focus on facebook.

Bring your questions and your kids!

Kids Island will provide supervised play for the kids while you attend the workshop in the next room. Kids Island is a gigantic, fun, indoor playground. This is an ideal workshop for parents and grandparents but all are welcome.

Sign up and learn more >

About HUTdogs

HUTdogs offers workshops, tools, strategy coaching and creative services that help businesses promote their products and services on and off line.  HUTdogs is a division of Emjay Creative.

Questions: Call MJ at (626) 462-0983


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