Best Travel Strategies

Always on the go in this industry…Things I’ve learned on the way that may help you out with your next jet-setting travels.

Shipping luggage:

  • Pros
    • you don’t have to worry about anything on the plane or luggage check
    • quicker check in time
    • less hassle at the security check points
    • save money and frustration at gates
    • Cons
      • setting up times and locations for shipping your luggage
        • in new places it is not always easy to get around and figure out how to get in contact with shipping company’s
        • you don’t want to spend time on the phone when you could be out at the pool enjoying your vacation
  • ensuring the arrival of your luggage
    • making sure it arrives on time and when you need it

Taking luggage on the plane

  • Pros
    • Luggage should arrive with you to your desired destination as soon as you get there
    • you are less likely to over pack
    • you don’t have to worry about shipping back your luggage
    • Cons
      • you have to carry your luggage to and from the air port
      • you are limited to bringing what TSA allows and regulates
        • amount of luggage
        • sometimes high cost of checking in luggage
        • limited to items you are not allowed to take both carry-on items and check-in items

avoiding over packing

  • count the days you will be gone and imagine what your trip is about take the essentials make sure that you bring appropriate articles of clothing and shoes for the trip. It is okay to take one outfit for a just in case or unplanned event but make sure that you don’t over load on things you probably and might not use
  • try to plan your outfits in advance and try to limit yourself with shoes and hand bags (for the ladies).  try to take as many universal shoes as possible, they take up space and extra weight that you can use to able to take more cloths or bring back souvenirs from your destination.
  • watch the weather of your destination
  • wear your bulkiest outfit in order to save some space in your luggage
  • avoid over-packing bulky items

luggage types to consider

  • anything with wheels
    • this makes it easy to take anywhere and avoid the hassle of having to carry or rent carts for luggage that sometimes are sold out or hard to find during peak hours
    • different patterns and colors VS black luggage
      • Many times a large amount of people always have the same and close to similar bag colors. When at the carousel sometimes mistake yours for theirs since they are similar. avoid the hassle and purchase different colors. If that is not an option, decorate them with a pretty ribbon to easily distinguish them

Looking for splashes of color Vera Bradley , is the site that you want to look at. Its bright colors and patterns will  definitely make your luggage stand out from the crowd. The Expandable WheelAboard has a lightweight Performance. Abrasion-tested, tightly woven new micro ballistic nylon fabric for increased durability. Dupont Teflon? coated exterior fabric provides extra water and stain resistance. Tailored construction; new sturdy patent leather PVC handles and protective piping, additional stitching for added strength. Additional capacity and packing options, two-compartment design, with a full, protective backboard. Coordinating shoe bag. In-line skate wheel system with industrial strength steel ball bearings. Travel-tested zippers stand up to rigorous use and provide smooth, quiet operation. Thermoplastic Rubber ergonomic handle grip ensures a firm, comfortable hold. Add-a-bag strap tucks into a hidden zippered compartment. Hub-Guard? protects the wheels against daily wear and tear. Includes a coordinating ID tag.

Longchamp is known for their sturdy nylon, but will this luggage do the job for your travel needs?  The Longchamp Pliage Trolley is trimmed with cowhide leather and has a pull handle. There is a zip around closure. The material is polyamide canvas with PVC coating, which should be sturdy enough. 13″W X 20″H X 8¼”D

tips to avoid airport security issues with luggage

  • For carry-on luggage
    • Buy no more than 3 3oz. plastic containers for your carry on must haves to avoid security issues
    • make sure you read TSA’s safety regulations as you are packing
      • they are constantly changing their rules and regulations, it is better to be safe as you are packing before you have to throw something away or have to wait an extra time for another security check.
      • Reminder
        • take comfortable shoes that are easy to take off and put back on at the security check
        • make sure passenger brings no more luggage than is allowed as a carry on and is not heavy (the placing of the over head bin and the limited space they provide you with, especially in a full plane)
        • try to avoid jewelry and items in your pockets that will set off the alarm.
        • make sure that you have your boarding pass and passport/ID at hand when reaching the TSA attendant

So maybe next time you’re getting ready for a trip you’ll get with the VIBE of things and be prepared for your next trip to the airport.


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