Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 9th this year. So many people take their moms out for Mother’s Day Brunch. But this year, what about staying home? Invite family and friends over and have a Mother’s Day “Feast”. Pick a theme, get everyone to bring a dish that makes sense, set some décor and voila! Mom is queen for the day. Here are some cool ideas for themes, the décor, and serving suggestions that go along with them.

Themes for Mom:

English Tea: (Use blue and white china, lace white tablecloth, various finger sandwiches an assortment of hot and cold freshly brewed teas, scones, smoked salmon on cucumber rounds, jams, jellies, and clotted cream.  A bit more breakfast than tea, but for heartier appetites, add scrambled eggs and hash

Tropical Celebration: Use brightly colored linens, white or bamboo plates to show off the food, lots of tropical fruits and veggies, assorted yogurts, (try Edible Arrangements as a centerpiece!), have calypso music playing in the background, grilled pineapple with grilled chicken or fresh fish…Try a non-alcoholic punch (Pomegranate, Acai – healthy and delish!). Strew flowers around the area (ginger, birds of paradise, haliconia) and you have a lovely and festive brunch.

Organic Elegance: Dress tables (outdoors preferably) with burlap cloth, place wheatgrass pots in the center of the table and  use as a “veggie garden/crudités display”, placing baby carrots, zucchini, squash, cucumber spears and the like in them. Bamboo plates add to the earthy feel (and are reusable), but for disposable (and biodegradable) options try Verterra, Bambu, EcoPalm. They are functional, responsible and pretty!

Country Chic: Okay, not exactly Floridian, but transform your home into a “Cape Cod Cottage” for an afternoon. Any stripes yellow and white, Green, blue and white, pastels, etc. dress the table to kick off the look; use napkins in the same colors that contrast – or mix and match.. Add Earthen ware- style dishware – big thick mugs, cobalt blue, lemon yellow, orange and white plates, bowls to continue the look. Cook up (or order in) a classic “boil” shrimp, blue crabs, corn on the cob, potatoes, clam chowder and the like. A champagne punch always adds good cheer.

Later today we will be expanding upon our “English Tea” section…so join us again for more in depth details and tips to the get your VIBE going this Mother’s Day.


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