Easter Recipes and Ideas…

Hello Everyone,

We’re going to pick it up from yesterday and continue to give you some tips that we saw and used and that might interest you for your next Easter Brunch…

1. Color Scheme

Set the right theme for your brunch…let the colors dictate the mood of your guest. Going for something more tranquil, use hues of blue and brown. Want to have everyone going and smiling the whole day, use yellows or orange as a base color and then keep adding complementary colors to have a vibrant ambiance to your brunch!

2. Create an Activity

Do something that allows for group participation during the event, even if it is the intial cooking of the brunch. You have everyone in the kitchen working on a part. Allowing for an activity to take place is a way to break the ice if you have guest that are not acquainted with one another and a great way to take people’s minds off of there normal daily lives.

A great recipe that I found and you may want to try out! Healthy food

Rack of lamb roasted with sea salt, grapefruit, crunchy vegetables with honey thyme

* Plate Type: Plates

* Season: Spring / Summer

* Prep Time: 20 min

Cooking time: 22 min

* Serves: 4 people



* 3 Florida grapefruits

* 2 zucchini

* 50 g black olives

* 2 red peppers

* 2 tablespoons honey

* A few sprigs of thyme

* 4 racks of lamb (3 ribs)

* 5 cl olive oil

* 20 g butter

* Fleur de sel

* Pepper

1.Wash then draw off a grapefruit zest. Mix it with sea salt and season the racks of lamb with this mixture and pepper.

2.Press two grapefruits. Peel the grapefruit and withdraw the remaining highest (neighborhoods without skin).

3. Wash zucchini, peppers and cut into small cubes with olives. Add the grapefruit cut in half. In a skillet, saute over high heat the lamb racks on

each side. Add the butter, reduce heat and deglaze with grapefruit juice. Add the grapefruit and sprinkle the lamb regularly with the juice for 6 min.

4. Fry the vegetables (zucchini, olives and peppers and grapefruit) in a pan with honey and thyme sprigs. Bake 10 minutes.

5.For the dressing with the vegetables in the center of each plate and place the lamb racks above.

Just to insert something that I thought was very interesting along with amazing food the drinks are what also make a party…here is something that you may want to take on not just for Easter but for any event  to have an added personal touch.

Virgin Mojito pearl blue curacao (100% alcohol free)

Have you heard about this brand  Monin ?   A famous manufacturer of syrup (since 1912!). Personally, I loved them they are  the rage in Europe and you can find them as well here in the States. It is one of the only brands to offer a variety of original syrups that no one else has. They even went as far as to launch Mojito, Rum , and Tequila syrups for drinks.

The drinks I can say are very unique from one another due to ingredients and the types of syrups that are used for example,one day i meet a bartender who acknowledged my request for non-alcoholic beverages ( as a part of my diet)  and before I knew it I was drinking this cocktail  Falling Earth ( a tea with lemon infused with a cucumber syrup). Needless to say it was amazing, but today I would rather share with you the Virgin Mojito one of our favorite drinks .

In which some pearls blue curacao syrup crept … ( it’s a part of this new trend in cooking with the molecular gastronomy/mixology  touch – my friend Brian from AARON’S CATERING is the expert in those drinks he can help you, with his mixology drinks here in Miami).

For a full glass:

– 2 pieces of lime

– 25 ml of syrup Mojito Mint

– 6 mint leaves

– Ice cubes or crushed ice

– Perrier

– Pearls  blue curacao syrup

Arrange the lime, mint and syrup in a green and crush with a pestle. Then add ice cubes or crushed ice, complete with Perrier and then add the beads of syrup. Slip a straw into the glass, garnish with a mint leaf, stir it all, arise in a comfortable chair (or better: on a couch) and sip …

3. Location! Location!

Change it up, if you use to plan for it inside…move it to the outside. Location is an important factor to the success of your brunch and is an easy way to make a big change without going over board.

Speaking of moving things outside Nicole, from the VIBE agency made a change in her normal Easter brunch and went to Nikki Beach.

Nikki Beach had festivities going on for the whole day starting with 11 a.m. brunches that was extended  all afternoon to satisfy your cravings with breakfast items, freshly baked pastries, hand rolled sushi, omelet stations, pasta stations, carving stations and complementary glasses of Champagne, Bellini or Mimosa with it all.

It was later transformed into a place for a relaxing and social setting at night. Where she enjoyed the drink specials and the company of her friends after a long day of running around. The best part of the day, was that she didn’t have anyone one to clean up after.

What did you do this Easter and what other venues did you guys attend?


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