Easter Hunts and Brunches

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you all had an amazing Easter yesterday…Miami had parents driving and children screaming all over the place over the excitement of the Easter Egg Hunts, that took place almost everywhere.

At Easter, the bells (Easter …) throw eggs in the garden and need to be Picked. It was like that with me when I was a little girl. In my memories, the bells were: with Mum, Dad, grandpa, and grandma or with other friends and we collected the eggs in the garden or in the house if the weather was not appropriate ( honestly in europe it was very often cold and rainy in April.)

My baby girl is 1 year and 2 months…and I contemplated if I needed to do it or not as I told myself that she did not care anyway because she is not yet eating neither chocolate  or eggs. But also on how she will collect those eggs,  as she could not  walk by herself  yet to run to find them.  But on the other hand, I was looking forward to “make the bell ‘.

So what, I still went to my friends place to do the traditional “Egg Hunt”. We got her a nice little basket we find a good spot in the middle of all the others kids and she was charming them to have other kids bringing her some eggs to place in her basket and we still had a good time.  For sure I reserve myself as she might be more into it when will come the Christmas season.

What have you done with your first year baby?

In Miami for people who didn’t plan anything specific at their home it was full of great opportunity for kids to have an amazing ” Easter Hunt”. Here are few of those locations where all the magic was happening for the youngsters;  that you will need to watch for next year and to keep in mind.

1. Miami Metro Zoo

2. Pinecrest Gardens

3. Miami Seaquarium

4. Jungle Island

And for those of you that did a traditional brunch, the weather was on our sides and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful Miami day. Please follow us tomorrow and we will share with you some great recipes and tips ideas that you would like to remember for next Easter.


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