Time, Time, Time…How to Manage Part 2: How to Work Efficiently

Efficiency is one of the strongest and most effective weapons we have against failure. Working efficiently clears the day, the mind, and really helps us to achieve goals that would otherwise be lost in a sea of clutter.

Here are some tips I with my company the VIBE Agency use to work more effectively:

1 – Work in short bursts: Work in short segments – It’s important to break down large tasks into small ones.

2 – Time my work: As an example, keep a log of everything you do: travels, calls, breaks, interruptions, work. This helps to maximize time management.

3 – Evaluate my time: After this you are able to see what you are doing each day, where your “wasters” are coming from and how you might be able to modify what you are doing. This will assist in helping to change the way you work. Quantity versus quality. Identify time wasters and decide how to eliminate distractions. Try to keep 20%of you day for emergency that can come up on that day.

4 – Eliminate distractions:

  • Emails: I try to be selective about when I check my email. I dedicate a couple of times to check handle each email once: either I should delete, reply, schedule a time to process, or forward it to someone else; Set-up filters and rules so that e-mail from certain sources can go directly into folders that I can review together; Turn off email if I want to get real work done
  • Phone calls: Try to set-up phone appointment during scheduled call blocks
  • Internet: Try to set a timer to surfing
  • Meetings: If they are unnecessary, do not have them. Only what is important and serves a true purpose should be taken. I also try to keep to time schedules. Meetings should run on the average an hour to 75 minutes.

5 – Complete most difficult tasks first: I try to focus on working on only the most important and most critical tasks that contribute to the success of my business because I’m the one that ensures that the business succeeds now and in the future. I’m trying not to confuse also urgent tasks and important tasks. Sometimes it’s easier to handle urgent tasks. They are in reality distractions that take you away from what’s really important.

6 – Just do It: What I’m doing to achieve success in my day and my week is that I’m making sure that it’s not about dreaming but about doing. And it’s not busy work but it’s about strategic planning, prioritizing and implementing. I’m trying to be careful at what I’m doing and where I’m spending my time.

7 – Identify your peak performance time: I’m determine for myself when was my best time to produce results, for example “Am I a morning person or an evening person?” I work when it works best.

8 – Get it in “writing”.  On paper or using technical tools. Use calendars and to do lists – I write out a to do list each day, usually at the end of the day so I can start on my first task the moment I step into work – Always try to schedule the most important things first. The goal is to translate the To-Do- List into appointments as efficiently as possible (ex. I have my “ Do today”, “Do urgent”, “Do this week”, “ Do this month”, “Do 3 months,” “Do 6months” and so on.

9 – Reward yourself: Reward yourself if you did your job well done.

10 – Organize similar tasks. Grouping together will help you to complete your tasks quickly.

11 – Speed reading: Learn how to scan important information – Highlight important information with a marker

12 – Grocery list, Dry cleaning & Prescriptions: my “Ahah!!!” Moment – I am lucky enough to have my husband taking care of it for the moment – But I think you should develop the list of items you use – Dry cleaners provide pick-up and delivery – call your pharmacy and a lots of them are providing free delivery – You will save time and energy. This is ideal for women completely on their own!



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2 responses to “Time, Time, Time…How to Manage Part 2: How to Work Efficiently

  1. Reading over that, I know exactly what you need to incorporate into your productivity system: kitchen timers. Seriously.

    Set a timer for 25 minutes, then work on a single task during that time. Let the people around you know beforehand that they’re not to disturb you while it’s ticking. When the timer goes off, stop working on the task, no matter how much progress you’ve made or need to make. Spend the next 5 minutes relaxing, taking care of distractions, and generally doing everything BUT thinking about that task. Set the timer for another 25 minutes, and continue the process. After you’ve been through three “25-on, 5-off” sets, take an extended break for 30 to 45 minutes.

    If more people managed their time that way rather than setting up a 4-hour block “to do work,” a LOT more would get done. Lots of distractions creep into these 4-hour blocks of time…

    If you need any help getting your time management under control, I would be happy to help. You could reach me at nate [at] cumalu.com. I run a time management consulting company.

  2. thanks for sharing this mate! i’ve been looking for posts like this one since last month…

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