Time, Time, Time…How to Manage Part 1

By now, everyone has seen the movie, Alice in Wonderland? Old version, new version, any of the many in-between versions. Sure, the movie is funny, frightening, and really enlightening, but most of all it is rooted around time. Think about it. The movie opens with “Tea Time”. Alice is bored and goes outside. She sees a white rabbit who is late (for a very important date…) and hops down the big, black scary hole. As Alice follows, she falls for what seems an eternity and embarks on a long and seemingly forever adventure, trying to find her way back. Again, all references to time. Like Alice, so many of us are always battling time. Time for work, time for clients, time for family, where’s the balance? The adventure or shall we say “journey” is time consuming but we must learn to manage it – not let it control us. That is what this blog and my next is all about. Read on!

Ask the Questions and Set the Goals

It is quite challenging when you are a women entrepreneur in any situation, and in my case, a new mom of a one year old daughter with a husband who quit his job to come to live closer to you and is looking for a job in difficult economy.

Additionally, I am from France and have been in the states for 10 years and as a young women entrepreneur for 5 years now with my company the VIBE agency. Owning an event planning and destination management company has always been exciting and challenging. Now, add in how badly our industry has been hit, yet pure passion about what I do keeps me (and many others like me!) going strong every single day. In order to help me to do better and to move forward: I approached inspiring people, like Marley from the Party Goddess, who are coach & mentor and in one  of her conference ” the Party Goddess Uncensored Program” she introduces me to others very inspiring people like Simon, Kelly, Ruth, to name a few. I met also during one of my trip in Atlanta a gentleman Ron with who share some of our Club Med Stories and some business marketing ideas.  But I wanted to give some of the tips that I learned through all of them and of course that I’m applying in my daily life now. Here they are:

First and foremost, we must set goals:

I ask myself: “Where do I want to go and what do I want to do and accomplish today, tomorrow, and in my week?” Then I plan how to get there, and in the meanwhile, know that there may be some sacrifices or difficult choices that must happen. Create a goal setting plan.

It’s more important than ever to give myself permission to succeed in my day, every day because only I am in charge on my success. Take a few minutes at home (15 to be exact), gear up and get organized. Get to work. Mid-day take 5 minutes to reassess – How am I doing today?  This is what a speaker, Simon Bailey, told me in LA one day. Don’t give your energy to things that will not support your future. Shift your energy find your inner brilliance. What you need is all inside of you. Focus on what you want to accomplish today.

I’m trying to take a look at what I’m doing and see how I’m doing it. How I can refine my processes, expand my offerings, and overhaul my operations. I’m trying to “redecorate” my business – Focus on what’s most productive and profitable – There is a variety of hats I must wear in order to handle everything that’s required. But that’s not always practical or even possible. I focus my efforts on the most productive and profitable activities. I assess everything that needs to be accomplished on a day –to-day basis (business-oriented) and I have to decide:

1 – Is it critical and most profitable to the business and something that only I can do best?

2 – Is it relatively unimportant and something that I can be modified, eliminated or delegated to someone else?

3 – Is this routine or project specific and can be outsourced or delegated to someone more specialized in this area?

These are questions I will leave you to ponder and will follow up with some tips on how to work more effectively.


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