The VIBE in Paris; My Hometown

motocab 1

The VIBE agency visits Paris three times a year to reconnect with previous clients and develop new contacts.  Of course, during my stay I have the pleasure of visiting my family and friends.  Nothing has changed; it’s always an amazing city.    My agenda consists of a very detailed “road show” where I visit agency after agency consecutively to network and promote the VIBE agency.  My stay in Paris is limited and time is always of the essence.  In order to be more efficient, I planned my schedule and opt to take a taxi-moto as transportation.  What an amazing experience to avoid traffic!  It allowed me to plan twice as many meetings during my stay. 

I had the pleasure to meet FranckyLirus, my taxi-moto driver, and I would like to thank him for his professionalism. 

Francky’s company started in 2002 as one of the first in the market.  He is committed to you and your schedule. His bike is the limousine of the moto and is very safe, comfortable, and convenient.  He is a very experienced driver and provides all equipment necessary; helmet, gloves, coat, etc.  Lirus may be contacted at or you can visit his website at

As an event planner, I thought this was an awesome idea as an option for transportation.  So think about this: a new way to commute in Paris or in other cities.   This is a great idea for special events or for a quick tour of Paris while you choose your itinerary.  It can be an option for a small group up to 10 pax.  

It was a speedy and productive ride!

motorcab 2

moto 3


You can watch my videos at:


I would also like to send a special thank you to the following people who took time to meet with us.  We appreciate your time.

Justine, Christine, Patricia, Carole, Herve, Alexandra, Xavier, Catherine, Pauline, Aziz, Audrey, Jennifer, Delphine, Christian, Anouska, Mattheu, Chantal, Nathalie, Sebastien, Clara, Thierry, Brigitte, Isabelle, Nelly, Melanie, Charlotte, Yvan, Pauline, Michel, Bruce, Camille, Solene, Muriel, Sabine, Noelle, Valerie, Judith, Sophie, Blandine, Auriane, Jean Francois, Laetitia, Anne, Laurent, Lie-Wan, Catherine,  Adrienne, Edwige, Veronique, Kathia, Nicole, Patricia, Jennifer, Laure, Corinne, Marie-Pierre, Dominique, Sylvie, Pascale,  and Augustina.


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