National Boss’s Day

boss's day

Here is a holiday that workers love to celebrate; National Boss’s Day!  This day is reserved on Oct. 16 of every year to show appreciation to a boss, manager or supervisor.  Most people do not realize the challenges a boss faces on a day-to-day bases.  Sure boss’s can be pushy, dominating, controlling, anal and so on, but a boss can also be inspirational and encouraging.  

The VIBE agency would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our amazing boss, Valerie Bihet.  Bihet can only be described as a blast of energy with the brightest ideas and amazing talent.  Always on the go and an agenda full of commitments, she always manages to smile and get the job done graciously.  We admire her pledge to her clients, family and co-workers.

This is a great day to treat your boss to a special lunch, a gift basket, flowers, or just give them a note of thanks.  If you really want to show your boss how much you appreciate them, be sure to pay attention to what they enjoy and incorporate it into your gift.  The staff can also take the boss out to lunch or have an office luncheon.  This day allows for team building and enhancement of the boss and staff.

To all great boss’s out there, we hope you enjoy your day!


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