DinosaurBri-ecolo Idea: dinosaurs pick-candy for Halloween: It is a great idea to take a look around your home for ideas to recreate this Halloween.  For example, here we use an empty laundry soap pitcher and turn into a pretty pitcher-shaped dinosaur, which will be used to collect candy on Halloween night.

Tide ghostBri-ecolo idea: Pitcher has an  Halloween candy: Here is another idea using Tide’s laundry soap container.  Get creative and match which ever costume you are planning to wear for the night.


spidersHere is a fun craft, a monstrous spider made from recycled materials.

Beer cap
– End of fabric, felt, cardboard color …
– 8 Swabs
– Seeds of spices: pink pepper, cardamom, star anise,
– Painting
– Glue
– Modeling clay, blue gum (sticker)

CatBlack Cat of Halloween :
     – Empty container of liquid laundry
     – Paint: black, white, pink
     – Tennis ball or other round
     – 6 toothpicks
     – Felt, piece of cloth, cardboard color
     – Buttons recovered
     – Hot glue

These tips will save you money and allow for quality time with children.  Enjoy!


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