ghostlypinataAs my friend Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess, ( mentioned lots of parties are snoozers and Halloween events are no exception. She mentioned to me, “Why not mix up the activities a little bit and ensure guests of all ages have a ball!” She was right. So let’s get started:


Create! Paint and decorate small pumpkins with markers, feathers and gems. Mini-pumpkins come in orange or white, so be sure to pick up at least one of each.





Design! Pick up a bunch of plain masks that the kids can color, glue and embellish on the spot.

Discover! Think Easter egg hunt in October. Hide mini-pumpkins around the yard (or house if the weather is bad.) Award a prize for the child who finds the most.

 • Bake! Decorate a haunted ginger bread house (or cupcakes) with black frosting and tons of fabulous candies. If the ginger bread house is too complicated, just decorate cookies in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts and witches.

haunted house


Destroy! Hang a Halloween piñata stuffed with goodies in the yard and have the kid’s swing away. If you want to get really devilish and the children are a little older, have the piñata be a ghoulish head hanging from a “noose.”

 • Adorn! Bring in the experts or do it yourself. Have face painters on hand to create instant face masks and someone to apply cool tattoos for the boys.







Imagine! No matter how old or young we are, everyone loves to take a peek into the future.  Tarot and palm readers will create all of the Halloween intrigue anyone needs.

palm reader


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