Today I’m writing my first Labor Day blog. As an event planner and a new blogger (thanks to Marley of  “the Party Godess” and to Robin Bomar who pushed me to do it), I’m late to give you some good tips on how to throw a good Labor day weekend event, but better late than never. This Labor Day, seems more impactful than ever due to the economy and that many companies are more demanding on their employees, with less of a work force.

As a new mum, I also wanted to dedicate this column to the mums in the United States as well as the dads working from home. (I want to particularly thank my own husband who quit his job to be home with our daughter. I had to focus more than ever after heading back to work soon after giving birth to my wonderful little girl, Tess).

Labor Day weekend honors the workforce that drives America’s economy.  It is a day for all workers to sit back, relax with family, co-workers, friends, and food.  The holiday brings an element that marks an exciting time of the year including the end of the summer, back to school, and the beginning of football season. If you are thinking of attending a gathering or having one of your own, here are a few cost-effective ideas to impress your guests.

  1. Use décor: Décor plays a major role in every event and it is important to think outside of the box to create something unique.  For example, if you are employed within a company or firm with an all-female staff, why not design a theme around “empowering the women of today’s workforce”?  After all, it is predicted that the number of women versus the number of male bachelor graduates is increasing, and soon enough women will dominate many careers that entail a hard day’s work. Photos or posters of women from all over the world who have paved the way and broken down barriers in the workforce can be displayed throughout the event. Create a timeline from then until present day. For this event, the color scheme can reflect the logo of the company or can be the simple red, white and blue signature of our country.
  2. Celebrate the mom (or dad) who works from home. This is more family oriented. Get the moms/dads in your neighborhood together and theme a backyard event. Enable your kids – show them how you work all week and let them assume your role. It will be fun, educational, and foster togetherness.


  1. Most companies are co-ed, so let’s include an idea for the vast majority.  A beach setting can be appropriate since the weekend reflects an unofficial ending of the summer.  A great idea to consider (if you do not want to create your own event) is at The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club, which will host a Sand Bake, Sunday, September 6 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.  For a list of some of the top chef’s from south Florida that will be participating and to RSVP contact 305-663-9641.
  2. If you intend on celebrating at home with family and friends, create an illusion of tranquility.  “A Stress Free” theme can include lavender incents, soothing ocean music, a refreshing frozen drinks and a good grilling greats menu.  You can consider hiring a mini wait staff of college students in need of some extra cash to serve guests.

So I just posted some more practical tips, but now I want to add some reflective and thoughtful tips.

On Labor Day weekend, temptation is there to be lazy. Maybe it is or maybe it’s not the best way to celebrate this national holiday. As a planner, it’s definitely better to plan ahead for the Labor Day weekend and draw up a list of all the personal and public events you want to attend.
Why not start on Saturday, with something really different? Visit a local social organization—an orphanage, an old age home, or an institute against child labor. Labor Day (how appropriate) in tribute to the long and arduous history of labor struggle.

With a routine that hardly allows a breather, Labor Day is your chance to get acquainted with that side of your personality you will simply love to discover. For lesser privileged people in our society, celebration is a way of living. Why not unravel that rare joy this holiday weekend?
If Saturday morning is all about some social work, then reserve the afternoon for some personal action. How about shopping? The Saturday night “fever” has to be set to the right kind of scene—so set it properly and have a blast getting ready.
Make sure that you have the list ready before hitting the mart. Party ideas, themes, supplies, food, favors, and decors—all must be ready before your guests start arriving for your Labor Day bash. Keep reading for some spectacular Labor Day party ideas to rev up your guests’ appetites.
Sunday should be a family day—so spend it with those you love in a relaxing way. Local concerts, exhibitions, dramatic shows, or a simple picnic under the sun can be a lot of fun. Or plan an “escape” to a nearby getaway that you had been meaning to visit. Labor Day weekend is never short of such places with attractive weekend packages. So pack your bags and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of city celebrations this weekend.

Haven’t had the time to plan for a Labor Day weekend at a resort? No need to sulk. All you need is the spirit to venture out. Why not make a quick camping plan with your family, colleagues or your sweetheart? Get in your car and just drive. Stop wherever you fancy. Pack the pre-requisites for a Labor Day cookout. You can be sure that this will make a greater impact than the usual backyard business.
Wherever you be on the Labor Day Sunday, don’t miss out the fun in your own city. Much like Fourth of July, on Labor Day all the states and towns of US deck out in all their colorful finery. Be a part of it. Start off the Labor Day morning with the traditional parades, join it if you want, add to the zest!
If you haven’t had any barbecues over the the weekend, then this is your grand chance to make Labor Day sizzle. Fire up that grill. There are ideas aplenty for this traditional cookout event, but let’s stick to tradition for this American outdoor celebration.

No matter what you do, Labor Day weekend sees activities of various natures in all over the country. From conferences on world issues to drug rehabilitation programs, the Labor Day weekend is not simply about the barbecue and the parade. There are many associations and organizations which take this opportunity to bring people together for a common purpose. After all, the history of Labor Day also traces this bond of togetherness, the idea of uniting for a common cause. So this Labor Day weekend, take a moment to reflect on the dignity of hard labor that you put in throughout the year, and know that you have earned the right to have the fun that you so richly deserve!

The VIBE Agency wishes all of our clients, readers and bloggers a wonderful and lazy Labor Day Weekend!

( P.S. Do not forget to take advantage of the great Labor Day weekend sales)

Eventfully Yours!



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  1. Valerie, you ROCK!!!!! Congrats. This is an AWESOME looking/written/everything blog. I am SO proud of you I can’t stand it!!

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